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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

Jack is alone. Running backwards down a corridor, firing wildly, screaming to the Doctor: "Last man standing! For God's sake, Doctor, finish that thing and kill them!"

"...Finish that thing, and kill mankind," says God. The Doctor cocks his head and then keeps working. Whatever it takes. It takes a certain kind of love to accept damnation. Even if you're playing Lucifer, it's still a tough row to hoe.

Rose stands at the TARDIS door, screaming at Mickey to keep going, as the chain pulls at the console panel. Jackie stands in the middle, between Rose and Mickey, relaying the message. Mickey slams it, as the metal begins to whine. The yanking goes on and on, long enough to have a nice thought about all the people that love Rose, and all the people that made this happen. That got her inside. The people that make her who she is. The other side of the Red Pill conversation is that you remember how much you love them, being able to be thankful for every single umbrella, even the one you shared with a stranger. The Doctor gave her the TARDIS, MI-5 Margaret showed her how it's done, Jackie and Peter provided the firepower, and Mickey lent his...ability to push with his foot. You know what I mean. Maybe when I said Jackie was never going to be the Bad Wolf I spoke too soon. They're all in her heart.

That blinding white light pours out of the opened panel, as Mickey gets tossed around in the cab of the truck. Rose steps forward, toward the light, and she is illuminated. Golden. Well. I cried. The light begins to flow, into her eyes, and Mickey calls out and starts running toward her, but the TARDIS doors slam shut against him. Jackie claps her hands over her mouth. The engines start up, and Jackie pulls Mickey back, away from the TARDIS, which is now shooting out light all over. It's funny how specific the wind is, in these TARDIS takeoffs -- I kept meaning to mention that. Just their hair, like it's a helicopter. But I guess something big not being there anymore might cause some disturbances. That's just physics. Jackie stares at Mickey, and he stares at the place where the TARDIS was. And somewhere, the TARDIS stares at Rose.

Jack is still running, telling the Doctor he's got "twenty seconds, maximum" before the Daleks get to Control.

TARDIS goes zooming through the time vortex, way faster than normal. And it's not blue, and it's not red. It's golden. Rose looks into the light. Her hair moves in a breeze.

Jack's bullets run out, and he tosses it aside and produces another, smaller gun from ...somewhere...and shoots with that, but no dice. The Daleks back him up against the wall, and he opens his arms to them. Delicto. Jack falls.

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