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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

The Doctor clarifies: "You looked into the Time Vortex, Rose. No one's meant to see that." God, as one might expect, declares Rose "the abomination," and the Daleks all try to exterminate her, and she does the whole First Slayer bit, shooting their lasers right back down their muzzles. But it doesn't hurt them, because that's not how we roll in this story. "I am the Bad Wolf," Rose says. (I knew it would be something beautiful, but how could you prepare for this? It's like that whole grace thing again: on the tightrope, and then you jump into space and say something bullshitty like, "I think that the TARDIS is an angel and that it is also the Bad Wolf and that Rose is going to kill God and that God is behind the Daleks," in front of just everybody, and then every day before it goes live you go a little whiter thinking that you're going to get fired for talking crazy, and nobody will care what you have to say about TV because you love the Cylons and think a column about fuckin' Doctor Who is the most appropriate platform to hammer out your shit with God, and they'll put you away so fast you'd better just start drinking now...and then somebody reaches out and grabs you, and it turns out you're not crazy. At all. And you weren't making it all up just to seem smart and esoteric, and seeing random shadows. Even if it all looks different than you thought or hoped, and it always will, grace likes it when you jump. Jump more often. The Doctor already said that part, and also this is not about me. Sorry.) Ask Rose: "I create myself. I take the words..." and she waves her hand at the Bad Wolf sign, "...I scatter them in time and space." They obey and drift away. "A message to lead myself here." The Doctor pleads with Rose to stop, but she ignores him. The Doctor: "You've got the entire vortex running through your head. You're gonna burn!" And Rose -- more Rose than True-Blue God for a sec -- looks down at him with all the love in the world: "I want you safe." The Doctor's shocked. Nobody's ever been in a position to give him that before. There are tears on her cheeks. "My Doctor," she says sweetly, intensely. "Protected from the false God." It's love, not just cold knowing. I like sad songs, like, "all the umbrellas in London could not stop this rain," because they make you ask the opposite question: What if all the umbrellas in London actually were over your head? Wouldn't you feel safe then? Who knew the stupid Jagrafess could get us this far?

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