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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

The Doctor: "And do you know what?" Rose shakes her head, and he grins: "So was I." Fuckin' word. (And this is the song that started on shuffle just now -- if I keep doing this you're going to stop believing me, but consider that I write about ten hours a day and the shuffle's always going, and I only tell you when it's important. It's better if you listen to it; Chemical Brothers isn't really big on lyrics. The fact that it's from Vanilla Sky is...worth mentioning. I always thought that was the title of the song, actually.)

And finally Rose smiles, nodding, because the Doctor was. And so was she. He grins hugely, beautifully, at her, and throws back his head. Light everywhere. Retentio can be toxic, too -- think of everybody that got poisoned because they were so impressed with their contemplio they forgot to take a look around. Everybody that took too much light in and forgot who they were: all the weirdo celebrities, all the people who got a taste of that light and thought it was the whole thing, and tried to tell people that was how it worked, and that they were fucked or damned if they didn't give in. All the people who let it change them. Rose falls back, but she can't look away, and the heat and light grow and grow, and in the center of that light, the Doctor's face begins to change.

The light dies, revealing a shaky, younger man with dark hair and wild eyes. "Hello!" he grins, and then gets a little indigestion. Rose stares, and he runs his tongue along his teeth, smiling at her in a way that is very close to comforting, but not quite: "New teeth. That's weird." He thinks. "So, where was I?" Rose just gulps, and he continues: "Oh, that's right! Barcelona." And he smiles.

Off to scarf Season 2, which I have obtained legally, but held off, obviously. And Casanova, also obviously, and probably first The Second Coming, for reasons which should be even more obvious. See you in October, possibly. If SciFi screws around for too much longer, Wing and I have talked about doing The Christmas Invasion (the first Tennant story) as an interim Extra.

And this was fantastic. And thank you.

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