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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

The Daleks chant, "Worship him! Worship him! Worship him!" The Doctor worries back at Rose how deeply crazy these creatures have gotten -- "A hundred years hiding in silence, that's enough to drive anyone mad" -- and walks toward them with something like pity: "...But it's worse than that. Driven mad by your own flesh. The stink of humanity. You hate your own existence. And that makes them more deadly than ever." If your whole thing is destroying, then I guess that is pretty sad. Driven to destroy something that you actually are. Built on not just a total lie, but a really crazy one. Albeit one that we perpetrate all the time. The Doctor turns to God: "We're going." As they off for the TARDIS, God bitches at them that they can't leave His presence, and the Daleks all complain and whine and scream about "exterminating," but it's no good. Crazy religious fanatics are like internet trolls or addicts: they need your attention to survive because they don't like it on their side of the fence and they need you to validate it. Inside, the Doctor drops his chin to his chest, because crazy and pathetic or not, they are still a giant problem. Specifically, his giant problem. Again. But like, if anybody tells you anything along these lines? That they know more than you, and that gives them power. Or that they created you, so they own you. Or that you should listen to them and not question it. Or that you don't have a duty to investigate the real truth about everything you put in your body -- whether it's through your mouth or your eyes or your ears -- and see how it tastes to you. And hold yourself up against whatever they tell you, and see if it feels right or if you want to know more than they're telling you ... the best policy is to disobey. Always. Even if it's just in your heart, even if it's just that second long enough to make sure. All this philosophy and mythology and religious claptrap is nothing compared to what this show is telling you: Just disobey.

Parts of this next scene were cut, but I like them -- so they're staying in. Lynda with a "Y" waits for them on Floor 500, thinking how the Doctor made sure her life had no meaning and then explained in depth to her that her life has no meaning. The TARDIS arrives, and the Doctor comes out like a bullet: "Turn everything up. All transmissions, wide open, full power. Now! Do it!" The programmers step into line and ask Excellent Questions. By turning up all the transmissions past eleven, the Doctor'll be able to keep the Daleks off the Satellite. I like that because it calls back to the secondary transmission that covered up the fact that the losers were being transmatted, but also it has to do with the information: if you can't stop the signal, you can at least drown it in noise. Like the Controller last week pretending that the Doctor and Rose were fictional, recuperating the Editor's perversions of reality back into grace. Male programmer tells the Doctor that they attempted to warn Earth, but ended up getting their license suspended for stopping the TV shows. The Doctor gets set for a wobbly that Earth would rather be content and defenseless than bored and scared, but notices Lynda is still there, and the Doctor about smacks the male programmer for not evacuating her. "Didn't want to leave you," she smiles up at the Doctor, and Rose...well, I mean. It's the Doctor. I already kind of hate Lynda. If you were Rose...? Hoo. Maybe the Daleks won't have the chance. Lady programmer says that her ass would be gone too, but there weren't enough shuttles. There are a hundred people stranded on Floor Zero, in fact. Which I guess means Lynda saved somebody.

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