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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

"You can't do this to me," Rose says, staring, and starts into some serious TARDIS abuse, screaming desperately for it to take her back. Nothing happens, and then the engines begin to cool. Rose throws herself at the door -- still looking for her keys in the last place she left them -- and finds herself back in the estates. Back inside immediately, begging the TARDIS to help: "Come on, fly. How do you fly? Come on, help me!"

Mickey, having heard the "vworp," comes rushing around the corner, and sees Rose -- very tiny, down the road, very broken -- and he catches up to her, leaning against the TARDIS: "I knew it! I was all the way down Clifton's Parade, and I heard the engines and I thought 'there's only one thing that makes a noise like that'." And he sees that she's in tears, and downshifts faster than you ever thought he could. And she reaches out to him without looking, clinging, crying, eyes shut tight. You've gotta be pretty primal and pretty good to cut right to the abandonment like that: when she was fighting the TARDIS, I thought I was going to break in two. That's pretty good TV.

Captain Jack to Rose over the Gamestation intercom, asking for help setting up the internal lasers. "She's not here," says the Doctor. Just like that. Jack cracks a joke about her taking a leak and tells the Doctor to get her to read the codes when she comes back. "She's not coming back." Jack asks, but he kind of already knows. The Doctor admits he sent her home, and how bad that means it's going to get. Jack: "The Delta wave. Is it ever gonna be ready?"

God appears on the screen: "Tell him the truth, Doctor." The Doctor looks up at Him. "There is every possibility that the Delta wave could be complete," God says, "but no possibility of refining it. The Delta wave must kill every living thing in its path -- with no distinction between Human and Dalek. All things will die. By your hand." Again. Jack gets iffy about the prospect: "Doctor, the range of this transmitter covers the entire Earth." And God almost snickers. "You would destroy Daleks and Humans together. If I am God, the creator of all things, then what does that make you, Doctor?" (JACKPOT! I was so weirded out by things coming together that by this point, this conversation kind of slipped me by until just now,'s nice to know that I'm not crazy, or some religious nut, or a Satanist -- all of which I have wondered about, in the week since that last recap.)

"There are colonies out there," says the Doctor evenly. "The human race would survive in some shape or form, but you're the only Daleks in existence; the whole universe is in danger if I let you live." That's the math, and he's got the BFG. I say fire away. Those people suck anyway. But I guess after exterminating a couple of entire races, you get touchy about this stuff. He looks back at Jack on the other screen, begging him to make the call. To be the Will. "Do you see, Jack? That's the decision I've got to make for every living thing. Die as a human or live as a Dalek. ...What would you do?" It's ugly and painful to see the Doctor without an answer or even the pretense at an answer that he usually gives, but also kind of neat that he sees Jack this way. (Karen pointed out that, in addition to balancing the energy of the Doctor and Companion in every other way, Jack's also a 6 on the time scale: not a shopgirl, not a demigod; somewhere in the middle.) "You sent her home," Jack says. Good answer. "She's safe. Keep working." God bitches at Jack that this will mean Jack's death, but Jack grins hugely: "Never doubted him; never will." It's another kind of kiss, the echo and the shadow of the first kiss, and it works.

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