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The Rebel Flesh

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The Gangers All Here

Everyone heads for the dining hall. Clothes have been strewn all over the floor. A dining table is in disarray. "This is just like the Isle of Sheppey," Buzz says. The Doctor takes a seat at the table. In front of him are the beginnings of a house of cards. "Seems the storm has animated your gangers," he says. Cleaves is indignant that the gangers have ransacked the place and gone through their things, but the Doctor mildly points out that these are the gangers' things, as well. When they came to, they went there looking for answers. The Doctor calls it their lives, but Cleaves sees them as stolen lives. The Doctor begs to differ: "You poured in your memories, your personalities, emotions, traits, memories, secrets, everything. You gave them your lives - human lives are amazing - and you're surprised they walked off with them?" The Doctor seems quite tickled, but Buzz reminds them again of the Isle of Sheppey. After an electric shock, a ganger killed his operator. Jimmy tries to get some reassurance from his boss that the gangers can't live without their operators being "plumbed in," but Cleaves is starting to have her doubts. Jennifer suddenly feels sick and makes a run for the washroom. Rory goes after her. Dicken sneezes beside Amy; nobody sneezes on TV without a reason so I'm making note of it. Buzz is looking at the house of cards and getting upset because his ganger apparently made it. He gets more upset when the Doctor reminds him that the ganger shares all his memories. On top of that, he's scared, disoriented. Buzz knocks the cards over.

In the washroom, Jennifer is staring at herself in the mirror while Rory tries to tell her comforting things from the doorway. For a moment, her face flashes to a half-formed ganger face. Overcome, she retches and coughs a blob of yogurt into the sink. She stares at the blob in shock and runs into one of the stalls. Rory ventures closer to check on her and gets himself a punch on the face. Jennifer's arm has punched through the door and reached all the way across the room. Her head bursts from the hole, bobbling on the end of a long, eel-like neck. "Just let us live!" she says in a gravelly voice. Rory gets the hell out of there.

Back in the dining hall, Jimmy is making plans to arm themselves. The Doctor microwaves a plate of food and quite reasonably suggests that if the original Jimmy isn't a violent man, then neither is his ganger. The Doctor hands the plate of food to Cleaves, who holds onto it for a long while without reaction. "It's hot," the Doctor whispers. She gasps and drops the plate. "Why didn't I feel that?" she asks. "You will," he says. "You'll stabilize." She doesn't want to believe she's a ganger and turns away in despair. "You don't have to hide," he says gently. "Please, trust me. I'm the Doctor." He smiles, but when she whips around on him, her skin is white and gooey-smooth. The Doctor, of course, is more awed than frightened. He even reaches up to touch her face, tell her it's just the early stages of the Flesh. She's shifting between full-formed and half-formed, he says. "We... are... living!" she shrieks at him, then bolts from the room. Amy suddenly realizes that Rory's been gone for a while. She starts calling for him. At first the Doctor's like, "Rory? Huh?" Then he remembers, complete with beaky nose pantomime, oh, yes, Rory. "Always with the Rory!" he shouts. Heh.

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