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The Rebel Flesh

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The Gangers All Here

Rory's out on the monastery grounds. Jimmy, Amy and the Doctor try to go after him, but their path is blocked by leaking acid. Rory hears Jennifer calling to him and ducks behind some crates. She's still in her half-formed state, but no longer eely. She sounds frightened. Rory watches and waits until she's moved on. In the washroom, the Doctor and the others find evidence that Jennifer is a ganger, too. Jimmy presses the Doctor for information because he's been talking like he knows something about the Flesh. He's silent for a long time, long enough for Amy to question him, too. Instead of answering, he says, "I have to talk to them; I can fix this!" and goes running from the room.

He's soon confronted by a spewing acid pipe. The Doctor makes for the TARDIS, thinking they'll be able to find Jennifer and Rory more safely that way, and tells Amy to stay put. Of course she does the opposite, but this is her husband, beaky nose and all, and she's not going to let acid stand in her way. Meanwhile, Dicken and Buzz are skulking around some other part of the monastery; whether they're the originals or gangers, it's impossible to say, which I guess is sort of the point.

Rory finds Jennifer sitting alone in a locker room. He doesn't bolt, but he's cautious as he approaches her from behind. "When I was a little girl, I got lost on the moors," she says without looking at him. She's holding a picture of a young Jennifer. She remembers and feels that day, down to the soreness of her toes in her boots. She tells him she imagined there was another Jennifer, a tough, strong one, who would lead her home. She looks at her half-formed face in a mirror. "My name is Jennifer Lucas. I'm not a factory part." She turns to look at up Rory, who flinches but doesn't run. She says she noticed his kind eyes when they met. "Where's the real Jennifer?" he asks, and immediately realizes what a hurtful thing this was to say. Jennifer breaks down crying, because she is Jennifer. They have all the same memories. She pounds her chest in anguish. With every blow, the white goo of her half-formed exterior gives way to fleshy pink until her full-formed face sticks. Rory goes to her, takes her shoulders in her hands. She tearfully begs him for help. He hugs her and comforts her and is basically awesome.

On his way to the TARDIS, the Doctor stops by the yogurt room to sonic the vat again. He darts back out before he can see the mouth emerging from the goop. "Trust me," the mouth whispers. Sure thing, disembodied yogurt mouth. Outside, the Doctor finds the TARDIS up to its roof in an acid puddle. Then he realizes he's standing in acid, too, and his shoes begin to smolder. He hippity-hops up the stairs in his socks, making funny "ooh aah!" noises. Inside, Dicken and Buzz are just finding out that the gangers have taken all the acid suits. Dicken sneezes again.

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