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The Narrow Fellow In The Grass

"Ida? There's no way of reaching you," Zach says, and Ida listens, alone. On the edge of the Pit. Staring down. "No cable, no backup. You're ten miles down." Words. "We can't get there." And Ida's answer? Now that she's seen the Pit, and the world before time, and the people who were stronger than the Devil, and the death of Scarlet, Ida who's seen a God jump, Ida says this: "You should see this place, Zach." She sits down, smiling. I want to meet her. I want Mrs. Moore to meet her. I want everybody to be okay. "It's beautiful. Well, I wanted to discover things." She begins to cry. You can be worried, but don't be scared. "And here I am." Zach informs Ida that they've got to abandon the base; have to leave Sanctuary. That was obvious the second the cable snapped, wasn't it? Everybody has to. That's what the Devil does for you; kick you out. She bites her lip; feels loneliness in the dark. In the Pit. "I'm declaring this mission unsafe. All we can do is make sure no one ever comes here again." Until the next time. Until tomorrow. "But we'll never find out what it was?" That's what kills her; not kills her, you know. What fucking kills her. She's the best. "Well, maybe that's best," says Zach. I nominate him for Very Good In a Crisis But No Kind of Companion. "Yeah," says Ida, because how can you explain it? There's a pause. More words. "Officer Scott..." says Zach, and she tells him just to go. "Good luck," she says. She wishes him luck as he flies away from her, forever, leaving her in death and time. She has that much in her. G word.

"Thank you," says Zach, just as beautifully, and hangs up. They close down the feeds, the links, the transmissions, the sanctuary of the base. Rose tells him, as he's telling the few left on base to board the rocket, politely to fuck himself. He reassures her that there's room, and she looks at him like he's nuts. From our direction, he is. "No, I'm gonna wait for the Doctor," Rose says quietly. "Just like he waited for me." Zach informs her that he's dead, and with a full throat, she tries to explain he's not like that: "And even if he was, how could I leave him? All on his own, all the way down there? No. I'm gonna stay." Zach apologizes and signals Danny and Toby; they take her in arms and knock her out. "I have lost too many people," says Zach. "I am not leaving you behind." He's a good captain.

In a corridor littered with Ood, Toby whose last name is Zed points at a random Ood: "Did that one just move?" Indeed, it did. One opens its eyes and lifts its head. Danny freaks: "The telepathic field! It's reasserting itself!" Must be a bad thing! Touch; connection. Must be terrible. They hightail it to the rocket. Which is just adorable, by the way. It's like <.i>Mario 2, this thing. In the Ice World.

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