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The Satan Pit (2)

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The Narrow Fellow In The Grass

Rose opens the door of the TARDIS to the Doctor's warm smile; they run to each other. The Doctor gathers Rose up into his arms, lifting her up off the floor; they giggle. He's the cannonball, she's the feather. They fall back down together.

Ida can't remember anything. "It looked like a box," Danny prompts her. "Down in the hull. A big blue box. It just appeared!" Over comms, the Doctor calls goodbyes: "And the next time you get curious about something...oh, what's the point? You'll just go blundering in. The human race..." Jumps. Ida asks what he found down in the Pit: "That creature. What was it?" He doesn't know. Why would he? "Never did decipher that writing. But that's good! Day I know everything? Might as well stop." Day you think you know everything? Same deal. "What do you think it was? Really?" asks Rose. "I think...we beat it," he grins, manic. Hiding from her. "That's good enough for me." The Doctor catches her eye as she breathes out: "It said I was gonna die in battle." Then it lied, he assures her, quite seriously. She smiles. All she needed was him to say.

"Right. Onwards, upwards...Ida, see you again, maybe!" I hope so. So does she. We need more people like Ida. And Jefferson. And Scooti. And Toby Zed. And Danny and Zach. "And thanks, boys!" Rose calls cheekily; the boys grin.

Ida asks the Doctor to tell her, finally, lastly, eternally: who are they? Really? "Oh," says he, "the stuff of legend." He pulls a lever, the engines rise and fall. Rise and fall.

Zach calls the hours, the taps. The Fall. "This is the final report of Sanctuary Base 6. Officer Tobias Zed, deceased with honors. 43K2.1." But that's not all; weren't you listening? "Ood 1 Alpha 1, deceased with honors. Ood 1 Alpha 2, deceased with honors..." And on, and on, and on. All those that held the bridge.

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