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The Narrow Fellow In The Grass

Rose: "Doctor, what does It mean?" The Doctor quietly begs her not to listen. "You will die, and I will live." The Ood on the screen, one voice, suddenly become a singly figure, the horned and Balrogish monstrosity of the very beautiful Beast. Everybody but the Doctor gasps and stumbles about, asking what the hell. Toby mentions that he had "that Thing" in his head. Specificity is Satan's domain. "Doctor," Rose the fuck says, "What did It mean?" Only what He said. Nothing more and nothing else. We've been here before. You can be scared, but don't be worried. Danny calls for Jefferson, and he in turn asks about the situation on Strategy Nine. Which -- again -- is the end of everything. (That's Strategy Nine: the end of everything. That's the natural response. We're beyond that now. If they came back, we couldn't do it again. How many times did we see that last season? It's not the proper response. It's a mistake and it's wrong and it's evil, and the Doctor knows it. And Rose, well, Rose it would never occur to. That's Strategy Nine: Obsolete.) "The orbit, the black hole, everything's true," says Toby. Which -- I hate to go here -- is a huge deal. Π makes an appearance; your Google gets a workout. I'll make it quick; it goes round and round. TORA, ROTA, AROT, TARO. "Torah" means nothing or everything is your responsibility; "Tarot" means the same thing. "Rota" means the same thing. NOTHING IS PERMITTED, EVERYTHING IS TRUE. Or: everything is permitted, nothing is true. Or: Nothing is permitted -- slave race; Fourth Great & Bountiful -- and nothing is true -- the horror/truth that Satan brings. Or (and it's telling that Toby brings it up, as his last act as a human being -- the real, scariest truth): "Everything is true; everything is permitted." I don't know what else to say. Take on the responsibility or not; that's all the show is going to say about the subject. Everything is true, says the TARDIS: all time and space at once. Everything is permitted, says the Devil, with specificity as His domain. This is the girl who dies in battle. Grace puts you up there and it's Grace fucking knocks you off again. Have the grace to take it like a man. Jefferson and Zach lose track of Ida and the Doctor; Rose begs to know how He knew all those secrets. Everybody talks at once. They all lose their minds, now that the Devil's come to play. Everything is true at once.

The Doctor holds his wrist comm close to the speaker, screeching loudly: the wake-up alarm that is his holy duty. Babel ends, silence falls: "If you want voices in the dark, then listen to mine." All he's asking. All his beautiful soul, lost in his own bullshit, four episodes to go, all he is asking is this: I can wake you up. All I can offer is the voice in the dark, even when it's wrong. Be stronger. Be better than this. "That thing is playing on very basic fears. Darkness. Childhood nightmares. All that stuff." Danny: "But that's how the Devil works!" And the Doctor answers, as in time immemorial: "Or a good psychologist." Not that either of them is wrong. Nobody wants to burst the blister. Nobody wants to see what's under the scab. "But how did it know about my father?" asks Ida. And the Doctor pauses, because this is the most delicate operation you can try with human beings; God knows last time it nearly took all creation with it: "Okay, but what makes his version of the truth any better than mine? Hmm? 'Cause I'll tell you what I can see: humans. Brilliant humans. Humans who travel all the way across space. Flying in a tiny little rocket into the orbit of a black hole! Just for the sake of discovery -- that's amazing! Do you hear me? Amazing. All of you." Neither good nor evil, neither fake bastard God nor silly Ahriman devil, but the simple wake-up call. The angel of the TARDIS: "The captain, his officer, his elder, his genius, his friends." The camera flits from face to face, just as before. The Doctor doing the only thing he knows how to do. "All with one advantage: the Beast is alone. We are not. If we can use that to fight against him..." You said the L word, you lonely little boy. There is a loud crash, a puff of dust, the cable snaps, the capsule descends. You said the L word. That's how the Devil gets in.

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