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The Satan Pit (2)

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The Narrow Fellow In The Grass

"The cable's snapped!" says Ida. They dive together out of the capsule, hitting face on ancient dust as the cable lands inside the capsule. Rose breathes the dust of separation: "Doctor! We lost the cable! Doctor, are you all right?" Best ask Jackie. Zach lets Rose know -- as if the symbolism wasn't enough -- that comms are down. "Doctor? Doctor, can you hear me?" Zach reads life signs, songs of life, but the capsule is gone. The Doctor is gone: "There's no way out. They're stuck down there."

The Doctor and Ida stand and brush themselves off, as one does when the cord finally goes. When the Devil finally cuts it. "How much air have we got?" Fifty-five minutes. And this recap is long, but not that long.

Everybody stares down. "They're ten miles down," says Jefferson. Might as well be a hundred. Might as well be infinity, plus one. You said the L word. All through the Sanctuary Base, there is banging: the Ood staring, looking in, bashing against the door, taken over by loneliness, by the Beast of names. "So we need to stop them. Or get out. Or both," says Rose. This is where she takes control: the moment the cord is cut. "You heard the Doctor. Why do you think that thing cut him off? He was making sense. He was telling you to think your way out of this." Not "you," but you. Darling girl. "Come on! For a start, we need some lights. There's gotta be some sort of power somewhere." Zach whines about "some captain" he is, and all that, and Rose tells him to suck it up and push the right buttons. They work it out, even though they're only human. "They've gutted the generators...but the rocket's got an independent supply. If I could reroute that...Mr. Jefferson?" They open the bypass conduits and override the safety, and channel the rocket feed, and the lights come back on. "Let there be light!" shouts Danny, not for nothing. Rose claps for them, humans that they are, and asks again about Strategy Nine: cut and run. Now's the time. "Not enough power," says Jefferson. "It needs a hundred percent." And Rose will find it, now that the cord's cut. "Zach, Mr. Jefferson, you start working on that. Toby, what about you?" He whines that he's not a soldier, or anything at all. "No, you're the archeologist. What do you know about the Pit?" You're supposed to fall in love with her again exactly two weeks from now. Next week is Jackie, and trust me, you will. This is just goodwill. "Nothing," whines Toby. "We can't even translate the language." Virgins. He thinks. "Since that thing was inside my head, it's like the letters made more sense." YOU THINK? Rose tells him to fucking get to work, and moves on to Danny: "You're in charge of the Ood; any way of stopping them?" He's no use. "Then find out," says Rose, pulling him to another computer. Beautiful. I joke about her only getting smarter when the Doctor's not around; this time I mean it. This time it's the point. "The sooner we get control of the Base, the sooner we can get the Doctor out. Shift." Rose smacks Danny playfully, the way the Doctor would, and looks down into the unending shaft. Down into the Pit.

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