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The Satan Pit (2)

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The Narrow Fellow In The Grass

"Right, so we go down, and you make the air follow us. By hand." That's Rose, getting my act together for me. "You wanted me pressing buttons..." smirks Zach, and she nods that she wanted it. She asks Jefferson to figure out a route to the Ood.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Ida secure the cable, so that they can abseil down the Pit. Down, into the Pit. That's the plan. All of a sudden, the Doctor gets a text message from Common Sense and realizes that this is a retarded idea. "Ha! There it is again. That itch." He bobs up and down crazily: "Go down, go down, go down, go down, go down." DO IT! SHOW ME WHAT IS DOWN THERE! I AM FREAKING OUT! "The urge to jump," hums Ida. "Do you know where it comes from, that sensation?" NO! DON'T CARE! JUMP! "Genetic heritage. Ever since we were primates in the trees. It's our body's way of testing us. Calculating whether or not we can reach the next branch." DO IT! CYLONS ROCK! LOVE THE THING! THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! THIS IS THE ONLY THING I AM EVER TALKING ABOUT! "No, that's not it," murmurs the Doctor. "That's too kind." WORD. "It's not the urge to jump, it's deeper than that. It's the urge to fall!" Capital F. Did Adam fall? Or was he pushed? How about Lucifer? Ask the Jagrafess, the God Emperor, Steve Baxter, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Adam. (The sucky one from S1, not the other one. Him too. Cathica. Lovely Lynda with a Y, lovely Eva, lovely Captain Jack! Gwen from Torchwood! Torchwood as a group; they keep killing secrets. Jump! Jump Victoria, jump Jackie Tyler, jump Cassandra, jump Mrs. Moore, jump all Preachers, and all would-be Preachers! Jump Kenny and jump Alfred Lord Tennyson. Jump Stuart, and jump Phil, and jump Vince! Jump Lee and Kara, jump Laura and Bill, jump Kat and jump Hotdog! Doctor Nine and Doctor Ten, jump TARDIS, jump everything true and everything right and everything that ever scared the shit out of you: into it, jump.) JUMP! IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WILL JUMP.

The Doctor...jumps. See? Loves me. You only thought I got weird last season. Stakes are higher. For all of us. Watch.

"Doctor!" shouts Ida, getting my act together for me. She presses a button, and the cable snaps taut: the Doctor stops falling. All season, they press the button, they pull levers and push buttons and stop him jumping. Hold him back. He hangs above the Pit. "Are you okay?" Ida asks. He's the Doctor: that's his pain and his strength both. "There's a crust about twenty feet down," he reports, with his flashlight shining, "and then...nothing. Just the Pit. Okay, then. Lower me down." Ida does.

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