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The Second Coming, Part I

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Fiona worries that she'll be all fishbowl like Steve, if she consents to join the Magic Bus, and Steve tries to explain that he's imagining something like before, like just heading to the pub and talking and hanging out. He's going into a manic phase again, the kind where he asks for stuff that makes no sense. There's a devil in the corner, smiling at him, watching him talk. Steve goes off about how they always stuck by him: "Kept talking to me even though I was useless. Sitting at the pub, like we were waiting..." Jude shakes her head. Not like that. "You mean like apostles." And he does. Fiona starts bitching that she has a family, kids, a house, somebody's birthday.... Steve tells her to bring the kids! Bring Dave! Peter and I scream at her not to bring Dave. This is all getting very Stranger In A Strange Land, suddenly. In the middle of the conversation, still talking, Steven catches the devil's eye. He doesn't smile back. All the mates agree to stay with him. Francis asks if he's invited. Of course he is. And that's everyone. Almost.

Steve looks at Jude, full on, in the darkness of the pub: "What do you think?" And she makes a pretty good point, which is that joining his brigade is (a) an admission of belief, and (b) she doesn't. "I think you're psychic, or a Martian, or...I don't believe in God, there isn't a God." I love how Jude's just the same as Steve, with the logical jumps. Like she's going to convince him. He's still not sold: "You've seen more than anybody!" She says that if it's that big a deal, Steve can just change her mind for her, and he shakes his head because of free will and all. Jude's on a roll, it's like a Greatest Hits of Jude! "What if you fail, Steve? What if there's no Third Testament? Everybody's talking, nobody's saying anything. What happens if there is no Testament?" The devil zips up his jacket, in close-up slo-mo. His eyes are shining as he listens. "Come with me and find out!" says Steve, with that grin. And Jude takes it on: "Okay, count me in." The devil rises to leave, dropping a black medicine bag on his table, even as Peter's asking about his sister's kid, who's autistic. Jude gets excited about this new chink in the plan -- "Can you answer that?" -- but Steve actually pulls it together. "Make the cripples walk, and where does it stop? All the way to dictatorship." He says that the Maine Road Event was to get people thinking, but the rest isn't his problem: "You've had one big miracle, that's it," he says, as the bar back opens the black bag.

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