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Reach Out And Touch Crazy

Jude joins Steve outside the pub, and they sit in silence. They're both in their early thirties -- I'm guessing it's right about his thirty-second birthday, given the title of the movie. He looks like...Chris Eccleston, with the ears and the weird all-at-once grin. Judith's aggressively British; she looks like she lives in Little Stempington. She gets more and more beautiful the more you look at her. Jude's celebrating her divorce tonight, which has turned out to be a bad idea. She smiles; Steve's noncommittal, because talking about the divorce means admitting she was ever married, which he's not into. "You must be sort of...I dunno, glad?" Jude calls it "just a piece of paper," which is what you say when you're in emotional trouble, and Steve says he never liked the guy. She jokes that he should have said, and Steve says, earnest and sweet, that he did. She smiles and nods, and looks away. He sips on his beer, and she sighs...

...and Steve and Jude are both totally fucked -- and this isn't going to change any time soon -- because of their inability to communicate, which is all I've been thinking about this week due to watching all of Queer As Folk again in an attempt to strengthen what the doctors call your Understanding What The Fuck They're Even Talking About In Manchester gland, due to job-related anxiety stemming from some translation issues in early Doctor Who recaps that we don't need to go into right now. Point being, RTD has his themes, but the best of them is this: just fucking say it. Because you have nothing to be proud of, if you can't. Queer As Folk is like the Just Fucking Say It Symphony. So in the spirit of avoiding simple shit, Jude mentions how their friends have been recommending that she try a dating agency. Steve laughs, and Jude says he's sad enough to try it, too. Steve "jokes" that they'd end up paired with each other, and Jude "jokes" that their friends would be relieved. He gulps, giving her the signal that she's in control here, and says it would be "kind of weird." She laughs and thanks him for that, and he amends that it would be the good kind of weird. (Psst! Jude! He's not ready yet! Stick him back in the oven!) Since it's as obvious to her as it is to us that he's in stupid crazy love with her, and works at a video shop into the bargain, she offers to date him so that they can save the 160 quid on the dating service, and then leans in. "Bear in mind I've been drinking," she says, which is just so sexy. Even though the show has been on for five seconds, they've done a great job making you think, "Fucking finally." Jude and Steve kiss very loudly, and he pulls back. Inside, Fiona's screaming about something or another, something obnoxious and needy, and Jude begs Steve not to think this means anything. (So of course it means everything, now and forever.) Drunk, embarrassed, she heads in. The drums start, and Steve stands in the middle of the street, laughing like someone who has suddenly seen the face of God in the middle of a pub crawl. He looks up into the sky, and we pull back, back: street, city, country, world, white. Beautifully designed credits.

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