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The Second Coming, Part I

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Jude's doorbell rings, and outside is Pete, whom we haven't really dealt with yet. He's cool. He's got Steve in tow, who's all ADD about something and Jude has to come right now. Pete gives her this look like, "My whole day has been like this," and makes the screw-loose sign. She goes to grab her jacket, because we've all got a Steve Baxter.

At the Maine Road Stadium, beloved by its constituents, there are hosts of people walking and singing Jesus songs. Pete and Steve and Jude walk along with the crowd. "This was you?" asks Jude. Yeah. "This lot have been waiting for years." That's the sad thing at the center of it all, isn't it? Waiting. Pete's like, "You couldn't just look at porn like everyone else?" The stadium gates are open, in the middle of the night. Jude gets scared. "You can drop this and go home with me right now," she tells Steve. She's concerned, because they'll go anywhere, for "any old lunatic." She keeps saying this one thing that has me totally on her side, every time she says it: "They will end up with nothing." It's that atheist pedestal about how sad when people believe things. At most that's half the story, but you can't explain the rest to anybody. "Did you get home all right?" Steve asks, and Jude looks at him funny. "Why?" He nods. "Because they'll be looking for you. You've seen them, haven't you?" She's not having that conversation, because she's 80% in denial about the whole stalked-by-the-Devil thing (the other 20% is denial about Steve), so she takes off. Steve and Pete enter the stadium: police everywhere, wild-eyed people in the night. They all flood in together; Steve sees Dillane off in the back of the crowd, and Steve and Dillane look at each other.

Judith goes to the nearest pub, asks for a vodka tonic, and spots Johnny Tyler. He smiles and gets up to leave, embarrassed about their bad date, and after a moment, she offers him a pint. He protests briefly, and then gives in. "And a pint for the gentleman," Jude says breezily. I don't think it's such a light thing for her. I think she knows they wouldn't get Mark Benton to play Johnny if he weren't a big deal. I think even now she's being a detective and looking at the whole mystery, of which Steve is now officially just part. I think she's clever.

The policeman is like, so you got access to the stadium and whatever? So this riot waiting to happen is your fault? Steve asks him for a sec, starts throwing that charm around, and Dillane offers that it is not a really good idea, but Steve begs, in that schizoid way, for just two minutes. "And then you can arrest me if you still want." Have you ever been in a clinical environment? You cannot say no to a schizophrenic. They warp the world around them; it's because they have to. It's horrible. The cops give him two minutes. "Bingo," he says. And smiles.

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