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The Second Coming, Part I

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Reach Out And Touch Crazy

Johnny tells Jude that he works around the corner, in a print shop. "Lucky seeing you again," he starts, and she puts up the wall: "Just the one drink, then I'm off." He goes into it -- "Used to that..." -- and she shuts him down: "Oh, don't start." There's a second of near-anger, the snake behind it, and then Johnny's sorry. He launches into his litany: "Not a surprise, is it? Size of me." She agrees that being a fat-ass does not make it easier. He tells this awful story about how he gets dressed up every time, S'mints in every jacket, but once she sees him, one drink and she's off. (Tip: Canal Street, at least for now. Whole different mess of biscuits over there. Trust me.) "And then I go home," Johnny murmurs, eyes gone silver, "To satisfy myself over some whore in a jizz mag." (I have no idea what he actually calls it, but it seems to be about that gross, considering the worried look Jude shoots him.) "That's who we are, Judy: life's lost. Evil's such a lazy thing...God's got everything. Life, and love...And we're the opposite. We've got nothing, so we hitch a ride...Useless souls. We're waiting for you, Judy." She jumps up, scared, and the lights leave him. The bartender throws Johnny out, and he tosses some generic nastiness over his shoulder about "Suppose a shag's out of the question," even though Jude needs it.

In the stadium, people are freaking out and Steve is begging them to listen. They've gone much crazier since they all got into the bleachers, because they are British. The police are about to call the whole thing off, and Pete's like, "Come on, dude," and Steve's wigging because he doesn't know what he's supposed to do at this point. "The Son of God knows everything!" shouts Pete, but Steve tries to describe it again: "It's like it downloads a bit at a time." He says he's supposed to be doing something, and that Pete's there for a reason. Pete continues to shout, and Steve smiles: "What is it? What's in your pocket?" Receipts and sunglasses. Steve thanks him, and takes the shades, and makes a bad reference to a song about having to wear shades, and he looks up, smiling. And the sky goes white. It's daylight in the stadium. Dillane adores the light, his smile so bright the light could be coming from him. Steve looks up into day. Pete takes off, and runs to the outside, where we see a shaft of daylight the width of the stadium, up into the sky and on forever. You can see the clouds moving around. Pete breathes.

Some guy runs into Jude's pub, yelling.

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