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The Second Coming, Part II

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The Book Of Judas

Jude is shivering by the window as Frank enters, to Pete's welcome. He puts on a crazy CD and turns it up, very loud. (This is good; crazy loud pop music as horrible things happen is always genius.) Jude asks Pete to turn down the music; he turns it up. "Frank, Frank! Shooting blanks! That's the joke, yeah. Frank, Frank! Shooting blanks! Frank, Frank! Shooting blanks! Frank, Frank! Shooting blanks!" He pulls out the gun, nobody moves, the music is overwhelming. "Not any more. Not many more." Pete tries to calm him down; Jude yells at Pete to get out of the way. "He can't hurt him!" she screams. The music is so loud. Everybody screams at everybody else. "Do it, Frank!", he screams at himself. "Do it, Frank!" Jude begs Peter to remember that Frank can't hurt his son: "Don't be daft!" Frank lowers the gun; his eyes go shiny and he aims. It wasn't for Steve. It was never for Steve. The music is so loud. The shine goes out of Frank's eyes as Peter goes down. Frank stares, and drops the gun. The music is so loud. Jude stares. She finally turns off the music and now it's silence. You can think again. You can breathe again. I love you, Russell T Davies. Steve drops, screaming Pete's name over and over, as Jude watches. She's gone so cold. "Bring him back," she says. Steve looks up at her, his face covered in Peter's blood. "Bring him," she insists, but he shakes his head, weeping. "BRING HIM BACK!" she screams.

Cut to Steve outside, with Frank in the custody of the police. Steve kisses his father on the cheek, presses his forehead to his father's temple. It's not about forgiveness. It's about being in this together, and how they always have been. How we always have been. Chadwick is brought out, on oxygen; both fathers are loaded into a security van. As it pulls away, we see Jude on the other side. On the other side of all this death, there's still Jude. "I want to go home," she says to a police officer. "Yeah, it's not safe here," she replies, and asks one of the nearby cops to take her home. And the cop? Is Simon. Steve approaches. "Why didn't you save him?" she asks, pointing out that they were both at point blank, and the bullets went right through Peter, meaning that Steve saved himself. "I was scared," he lamely tries to explain. "My Dad...." He says the stupidest thing yet: "Pete's gone to a better place." I'd punch him so hard. She's like, "Oh, well, that's all right then," and I don't blame her. She and Simon get in a car and take off, Steve staring after.

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