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The Second Coming, Part II

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The Book Of Judas

HQ is a crime scene. They're hauling out the equipment and the Testaments and all. There's no Chadwick now to save Steve. He fell in futility. Bad Cop: "Mr. Baxter, you can forget the Testaments. The broadcast is cancelled. Given the state of emergency, I can't allow you to be seen or heard. You're under house arrest. No speeches, no statements, no declarations. It's eight hours until sunset. And whatever happens tonight happens without you." This is, note, the only time he is in direct contact with the Fallen. The Devil's getting brave, walking into the same room as the Son of God. "Sir?" Steve says to Bad Cop's back, and he turns. "I forgive you." Bad Cop leaves.

Simon's cop car comes around a corner to a shit neighborhood. "Here we are, then. Safe and sound." It's not Jude's house; it's a bunch of apartments. "Just get out. Won't take long." Johnny appears, through the beads strung across his doorway, with dogs. "How you doing, Simon?" And Simon smiles. "Not so bad, Johnny." Johnny welcomes Jude. "Coming in then? Cuppa tea? Pretty girl in my doss! Don't get that often." She looks back at Simon. "Okay," she says. That's my girl. She passes him, through the veil of beads, and Johnny smiles at Simon, locking the door-grille behind him.

It starts now. Thirty-eight minutes into the second half, with thirty-four minutes to go. Exactly half. This is where it starts to be too much. Brilliant. Johnny pours Jude tea: "So, you're all over the telly! Keep telling me mates at work I've dated a celebrity!" She lights a smoke, and he gives her a look. "I don't really like that in my house." She looks him dead on. "Don't you?" He feels her, pushing at him. Imagine a football game with three teams, three goalies. "What do you want, Johnny?" she asks. He protests that he doesn't want anything in particular: "You're the one that turned up." He's just Johnny right now -- the right person is driving. She puts it together. She's very clever. "You been out lately? Any more dates?" He stands in his kitchen, nervous, confused: "One or two, yeah. Went out two days back." And Jude inclines her head: "What was she like?" A "smart, professional lady, yeah," and will he be seeing her again? "Might do." But Jude and you and I know better: "She said no." His beautiful face goes sad. Infinitely sad, but more importantly: lonely. Jude presses her advantage, lets the cruelty out for a walk. Can you see what she's doing? "Did you go out for a meal? Did you get all nervous and stuff your face? Did ya? All three courses -- she's eating salad, you're wolfing it down. She walks away, not even a kiss. So you have a Chinese on the way home. Did ya?" Johnny slides over, behind his eyes. Into the passenger seat. The Devil gets in through hatred and loneliness, he said. Gave her the keys. Johnny's dog begins to bark, wildly. Mission accomplished. She's so smart.

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