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The Second Coming, Part II

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The Book Of Judas

Jude turns to Johnny, his shining silver eyes, the dog whimpering. He laughs like a rattler in the dust, and she smiles. She's so strong. How much strength she has. It's beautiful. To stare in his eyes and know that you summoned him. "There you are. The loneliest one of the lot. So what do you want?" Johnny approves: she finally believes. "How did he convince you?" Johnny laughs. "Did he shag some sense into you?" She explains that she made her own mind up. "Such a big wide world, isn't it? Miracles and devils, Heaven and Hell. Don't you feel small?" See, again, this is where I would fuck it up, because I would look him in the face and say it sounded like a stupid role-playing game for little boys, and that they were all dorks. You can't come to the Devil talking that kind of shit. "It was you, wasn't it? You made Frank do it." He's laughing before she finishes the question: "Aww. He hated Steve already -- all we did was push. That's what we do. All those bastard little thoughts...back of your mind, that's us. We're very human." She looks him in the eye: "Didn't work. Steve's still alive." Johnny patiently explains that they weren't looking to kill him. "Lost his best friend. His stepfather's insane. And now you've left him. That's all we need...because we want him to join us." Her face falls. "He'll become one of us. He'll despair, and then he'll fall. Man always falls in the end. Look at him now." (We do; Steve stares down into the pool of Peter's blood, his reflection and his shame.) "Wretched and angry and lonely and vain. When Judgment Day comes, the Lord our God in Heaven will find Steven Baxter -- the man -- and judge him a sinner." And Johnny laughs. It seems plausible. "The Son of God will be sent to reign over Hell. He's almost with us now. Just one more push." And Johnny thanks Jude.

"What have I done?" Lost. "He's more than that! Better than that!" Johnny asks if Steve loves her, "Sweet" he calls her: "Do you love him?" Yes. Johnny breaks into song, reedy and awful: "That's where the devil gets in...." But she disagrees: "He won't fall. He's stronger than you." Steven Baxter would do anything to be with his Jude, especially now. "Everything we did was pushing you towards him; showing you proof, making you believe. The moment you believe, you despair, and once you despair, you're mine." Using the rhythms of her speech, the way of her thoughts, against her. Brilliant. "When you join me, Steven Baxter will follow." Jude informs the Prince that he's got a bit of a problem on his hands: "...Because I'm not joining you." Johnny shakes his head. "Peter's gone, Frank's lost. You're next." That same repetition-as-truth that Jude and Steve both keep using. "I've seen everything you've done," she says, "...and I still haven't fallen." Oh, how he shakes his head now, grinning. Terrifying. "There's more to come. One more lost soul to push you over the edge." Who? Who's left? Chadwick had a heart attack, Frank's in custody, Peter's dead. The mates? The gay dude doesn't even have a name, and Dave's all...oh. Fuck. I mean, fuck. After all that.

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