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The Book Of Judas

The cop takes Jude home, which is all boarded up post-rioting. There's a good-looking cop outside, who gives her back her keys and apologizes for the damage. "Last got off lucky," he says with a smile. Ha! "If you need anything, just shout." He wishes Jude luck, "for tonight," in a way that you think it's a common refrain, today. And we'll see that it is. All the stories about earning humanity's survival, where you have to prove to the aliens or whatever (or God, if you're Abraham) that people on Earth are actually awesome, I know this: we'll wish each other the best of luck on Judgment Day.

Jude lets herself in, looks around at the mess of her home, drops her keys. Thinks. Puts it together. Dares. Calls Steve. "Uh, hi. I've thought I...I just thought...can you get out of there?" And he answers in a way where, even though it's been a few paragraphs since we've seen him, causes you to fall directly back in love: "I can do anything! Where are you?" Home. "If it's happening tonight, then I want to be with you." He gets this completely, sweetly, and takes a pause. "Jude, I'm sorry I didn't...." None of that. "Steve, I know what the Third Testament is. Just come 'round." He smiles a bit. He depends on her as much as we do. Didn't you always know she'd be the one to work it out? Steve did, of course. None of us were ready, though. I told you it would get worse. You don't want to read the Third Testament. Take a moment here to gauge how much you love her. Just as an experiment.

Jude Roach goes to a dusty pantry closet and pulls out a box of rat poison.

Steve paces his suite, thinking of how best to Kenobi this. Finally he looks into the camera -- and you love him more intensely -- and grins that grin, and sits in a chair, facing us directly. He snaps, and the shot goes to black and white. It's awesome. Even if you don't know what he's doing -- and I think you do, it's in every heist movie of all time -- it's still an awesome effect. He heads downstairs, into the thick of it, walking down the hall. The most famous man on Earth or in Heaven, walking down the corridor. Think of a police officer, walking down that hall, worried about the end of the world, worried about how if it doesn't happen, the mortgage still looms, worried about bills and his kids' grades in school, and how he doesn't really talk to his wife anymore, and they haven't had sex in just ages, all of these worries...and God walks right past him. Think about how maybe Steve's hand brushes the police officers shirtcuff, or the hem of his shirt, as he goes walking. Touched by God, incarnate in the flesh, here on Earth, walking right past you. Think about those hands, then, touching Jude. That's what we're dealing with here. The girl cop who sent Jude home with Simon stops him, so that we can have the Kenobi made explicit, and they have a "these are not the druids" conversation, and he's so sweet and she's so kind, and finally she lets him go. And as he's heading out the door, Bad Cop passes him by. And that's grace.

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