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The Book Of Judas

Upstairs, techie reports to Bad Cop that Steve's "just sitting there, Sir," and Steve looks out at us, on Big Brother's screen, and maybe there's a little bit of a smile on that face.

Steve walks through the dead areas of Manchester, all alone.

Jude pours the box of poison into a tomato sauce. She is sobbing. She's in love.

"THIS IS HELL," is spray painted on the wall, as Steve walks past graffiti, the music gone lovely and epic. All violins and the graffiti truth we forgot. A street preacher shouts; the opportunity to make your madness real. A man pets a dog. Steve walks.

Jude puts a dish into her oven, sobbing. She falls to her kitchen floor, holding onto the oven door for support.

Steve walks down an empty highway. Gorgeous shot. He's tired -- video store employees don't run marathons, even at the end of the world. The sun is getting lower.

Judy alternately brushes and towel-dries her hair, quickly moving from vigorous to violent, OCD. She's Steve, slapping at the infinity inside his skull. It hurts to watch. She gasps, chokes back another sob.

Steve walks through Manchester. Cars gone wild, screaming in the streets, hooligans high on Jesus and the end of everything. A car on fire. Loose papers everywhere. It's more desolate with less going on. I'd have all kind of fucked up people everywhere, being creepy and manic and fucking each other and setting each other on fire and listening to Judas Priest. This is better.

Jude smokes, makeup done, reading a paper. She looks into a mirror. At us. Through us. (In the interests of full disclosure, I will say that the American version leaves something out, and it has to do with the consequences of the night they slept together, and how she stopped that with a quickness, so that the story could truly end. The game she's hunting, you can't afford to have a Bloodline of the Holy Grail bollocksing things up and Tom Hanks getting a marketing boner; that would defeat the purpose. I support, in the name of controversy, adding abortion to the mix -- once you've fucked Jesus you might as well -- but it plays better this way, in my opinion.)

Night. Steve arrives. The nice cop outside says that he's not allowed, things go very "slightly psychic paper" again as Steve explains he's a friend. "You were in school with Steven Baxter, then. What was he like?" Steve smiles. "Bit of a twat." In the distance there's a scream. "That's not Judy," Steve says. "Better get on." But the copper is steadfast. "I'll stay. Somebody's gotta protect her." Good man. You start over there, and I'll start over here. Steve approaches the door. Jude answers, and she can't quite smile. "Hi," she says. You remember that the last things that happened were that (a) They fucked, and (b) Peter died. Within a few hours of each other. Mostly (a), though. "Well then," she says, and lets him in. And he goes in.

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