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The Book Of Judas

"Jude?" Fiona smiles. "Don't know, haven't seen her." Fiona moved south when Dave did, after he got custody of the kids. "So I moved nearby." She smiles. "I don't know what I'd say to her!" Jude: "And the Devils have gone. People are still mad, they still do the most terrible things -- just because they're people -- but...that's our problem now." She looks away. "Okay, um, do you mind? I don't want to talk about it anymore." We pull back to see her sitting on the interview set. "I'm sorry but that's it. That's all I've got to say." Fiona: She just wants to be left alone. I think she's still in Manchester, I don't know." Fiona smiles at the camera. "I hope she 's all right." And that's how you know Fiona's okay.

And that's the end, as far as the official broadcast version. But there's a bit more, and it's beautiful. A faded bright supermarket, too bright, contrast or whatever so high you can barely see anything. The stark light of reality, with no filters. Everything under an Arizona sun. No excuses. People recognizing Jude in the market, chatting behind her back: The woman who killed God. At the checkout she gives her points to charity. I bet everybody does that now.

Out in the parking lot, Jude runs into Johnny Tyler. It's a bit awkward at first. "Remember me? We went out on that date. Must be...six years ago, now! You were famous back then, came round my house...." She asks if he remembers why she came. "Dunno. Funny old time. Not just because of Steve Baxter and that...I was having a bad year, went a bit barmy." Sweet old Johnny. She asks how he's doing now. "Still dating, still trying... ." I love him. She tells him he's lost weight; he responds once more with the point. "A little bit, maybe...It's funny, I kept blaming the fish and chips shop, you know, work and the end I thought, 'Well, it's down to me.' I suppose there's a bit of Baxter in that." So there is. The greatest love imaginable. He blinks. "...Sorry. I know you and him were... ." Jude smiles and says it's all right. "Anyway, good luck with it." She turns to go, and he asks her out. Arizona's treating him well. She stutters, and a man approaches from her car. It's the good cop, the one who stood outside her house to protect her when the whole world was ending. Who stood watch while she killed God.

"This is Johnny," Jude says to the good cop. "He's an old friend of mine." And so he is. Johnny smirks -- "Bollocks. Married!" -- and they consider her daughter, at the car. "Yeah, she's mine. Two last week, little monster." They chat about the husband, and Johnny smiles. "Months after...years after. I was still waiting for Steven Baxter to come back. Resurrection. One last miracle." She nods, completely understanding. "I thought that, spent a long time hoping for that, yeah. But that's exactly the thing I got rid of." (And thank God for Paul Abbott, who talked Davies out of giving Steve back to Jude as a mortal man.) Johnny smiles in the harsh light. You can see the space still in him, the pain of that lack. "Do you think I was right?" Johnny searches her face. For a while. "Any road, look at us, chatting away. Things to do!"

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