Doctor Who
The Second Coming, Part II

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The Book Of Judas

That too, that lack of an answer. That's grace, the kind of grace that wants you to make up your mind for yourself. You're allowed to be angry, you're allowed to think it's crap, but you just thought about it harder than you would have, and that is beautiful. And hardly comforting. Johnny nods over at the husband and tells her to promise that if they break up, he'll call Johnny. "Give up!" Jude laughs, and he gives her what can only be described as a surprisingly sexy look. "Never." She shakes her head and laughs. "Fair enough. Nice to see you." And it is. They say goodbye, she goes back to her family, they get in their cars, and we pull out to watch the parking lot, cars coming and going, everyone leaving, people shopping, life continuing. Arizona. And we're done. And we're never done.

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