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Frosty the Snowmenace

She immediately hops out of the carriage and follows after the Doctor. She tails him to a park and sees him pull down a ladder that's been hiding in an unnaturally shady tree. Nobody else sees him, because the streets are conveniently deserted. After the Doctor and ladder disappear from view, Clara rushes over to where he was standing. She looks up but sees only the moon and sky. She takes a leap of faith and grabs the ladder, only able to see it when her hands clasp it. Suddenly, people are walking all over the street, but they don't see her because, as she somehow concludes, she's now invisible. The ladder leads to a spiral staircase that goes up and up and up some more. At the top of the stairs is the TARDIS, seemingly resting on nothing more than a carpet of clouds. Clara tentatively knocks on the door, but hides when the Doctor answers. She hurries back down the stairs. The Doctor finds only her shawl, dropped like Cinderella's slipper in her hasty retreat.

Simeon returns home to feed more snow to the giant gumball machine. The gumball machine blah-blahs about its eeevil plans. If it didn't speak with Ian McKellan's voice, it would be kind of boring.

The next morning, Clara wakes up all smiles and rosy cheeks. As she leaves the tavern, the owner begs her to stay. Because she's such a good employee who would never flake out in the middle of a job to chase after a strange man. Alas, Clara turns him down. "I've got me own work to get back to," she says. "What work? Why won't you ever tell us?" he asks. "You'd never believe me," she says.

She hops into a carriage and begins to change out of her dress. By the time the carriage pulls up outside the Latimer residence, she's dressed in much posher attire. The maid addresses her as "Governess" and says the children have missed her. To Captain Latimer, she is Miss Montague and he tells her that his daughter Francesca has been having nightmares. He wants her to talk to the girl, because he's all Mr. Awkward around children. So off she goes to see Francesca and her brother Digby, who are thrilled to see her. Clara's voice and manners, like her clothes, have changed for the occasion. Francesca tells her about the nightmares she's been having about their former governess. Digby is just a little too excited to tell Clara about how the governess drowned. "I hated her," he says. "In Franny's dream, she's still down there, waiting to come back." Are we entirely sure that Digby didn't drown her? Because that kid seems like kind of a little psycho. Clara notices that the pond is still frozen, while everything else has thawed. "The snow is feeding off your thoughts," says the Doctor's voice in her memory. "The more you think about the snowmen, the more they appear." Clara makes the connection between the snowmen and the frozen pond. She's disturbed to learn that the governess promised in Francesca's dreams to return on Christmas.

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