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Frosty the Snowmenace

Clara returns to the park where she last saw the Doctor. It's daytime and there are people about this time, so she gets some strange looks when she starts shouting up at the sky. Luckily, Jenny happens to be passing by and quiets her down. "Do you know the Doctor?" Clara asks. "Doctor who?" Jenny asks back. This makes Clara smile, because she knows the name of the show.

Jenny brings her to meet Madame Vastra, who is sipping a glass of red liquid. When Clara gives her a puzzled look, she explains, "There are two refreshments in your world the color of red wine -- this is not red wine." So... it's pomegranate juice? Cherry juice? Cranberry cocktail? Big Red soda? Some of that weird red rain from India? Madame Vastra tests Clara by posing her questions to which she is allowed to give only single-word answers. This is all designed to determine whether or not they should bring her to the Doctor, and to show us how very clever Clara is. Vastra says the Doctor doesn't help people anymore. He was a hero once, but he's all sad and lonely now because he "suffered losses." "Now, kindly choose a word to indicate your understanding of this," Vastra says. Clara thinks and answers, "Man." As a final test, Vastra asks Clara to give her a message for the Doctor that will encompass everything he needs to know in one word. The word she chooses is "pond" because, well, there's a pond with a frozen monster in it. But the word has a deeper meaning because of Amy Pond, even though Clara can't possibly know that. Still, the answer prompts Vastra to call the Doctor and pass along the message. Good thing that governess didn't drown in a lake or something.

At the Great Intelligence Institute, the giant gumball machine suddenly starts freaking out because it senses that someone dangerously smart is approaching. Right on cue, the Doctor waltzes in, dressed like Sherlock Holmes for some reason. There's even a musical flourish that calls to mind Steven Moffat's other show. The Doctor blathers for a while about nothing in particular before picking up one of Simeon's business cards. If he remembers the Great Intelligence, he doesn't give much sign of it, but he does start beating at the giant gumball machine with his prop cane. "We are the Intelligence," says the gumball machine. The Doctor is thrilled. "Ooh! Talking snow. I love new things!" He says a lot of things that can be summed up thusly: the snow acts like a mirror that mimics things. He talks himself into realizing that the snow will have to evolve into something more human so that it doesn't melt when the temperature rises. "To do that, you'll need a perfect duplicate of human DNA in ice form," he says. "Where do you find that?" he wonders. Seems like any number of frozen people would do, but a newspaper article on Simeon's desk points him to the frozen governess. He dashes off before Simeon's henchmen can grab him.

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