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Frosty the Snowmenace

Next stop: Captain Latimer's pond. It's really more of a pool than a pond, but then her name wasn't Amelia Pool, was it? He sonics it and talks to himself about how the aliens will get a "full-body scan" of the drowning victim. She hasn't been in there for something like 11 months but they can still scan her? Whatever. Strax shows up at Vastra's request to help the Doctor, but the Doctor is still pretending like he's not really on the case. He's kind of a dick to Strax and sends him away. Clara waves to the Doctor from a window. He shyly waves back. In spite of himself, he agrees to meet her inside. He's too busy arguing with himself to notice the cracks forming on the surface of the pond. He also doesn't notice that Simeon has arrived. Thankfully, Vastra, Jenny and Strax are nearby to keep an eye on things while the Doctor is off being a nervous little boy.

Clara is upstairs, tucking the children in and assuring them that the Doctor will soon arrive to help them. The door creaks open. Clara assumes it's her new friend, but what walks into the room is a woman made of ice. "The children have been very naughty," she says. Clara grabs the children and flees the room. "Imagine her melting," she tells Francesca. Francesca is much too scared to think about that. The Govern-Ice pounds on the door. Only now does the Doctor reveal himself, having been hiding behind a puppet show stage, just waiting for a perfect opportunity to whip out the sonic screwdriver. Because making a comical entrance was more important than a timely one. He shatters the Govern-Ice, much to everybody's relief.

Outside, Simeon unveils something that looks like one of those bladeless Dyson fans. It blows alien snowflakes towards the Latimer house.

Inside, the Doctor is still pretending he doesn't help people anymore. He's in the middle of a rant when he notices he's once more wearing his trademark bow tie. "I didn't know I'd put it on," he murmurs. Behind him, the Govern-Ice reconstitutes herself. He tries to sonic her, but she's apparently learned not to melt. He grabs Clara and the children and runs down the stairs. They run into Captain Latimer, who is none too pleased to see this strange man in his house. Before he can give the Doctor a thrashing, the maid runs through the room fussing about all the snowmen that have suddenly appeared outside.

Madame Vastra and Jenny arrive at the front door. "Good evening," Vastra says. "I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife." The maid screams and runs away, only to be met by Strax. "This dwelling is under attack," he tells her. "Remain calm, human scum!" The maid screams some more, then faints. The children don't seem especially upset and Captain Latimer seems more confused by the Doctor calling his governess "Clara" than by anything else. It seems that "Miss Montague" has been going by a different first name while not working as a barmaid. To add to the mix, the Govern-Ice has started down the stairs towards them. Jenny throws some kind of tech-grenade that traps her behind a force field.

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