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Merry Christmas and Goodbye

The Doctor and Clara materialize in the snowy woods outside the town. Clara notices an arm sticking out of the deep snow. At first she thinks someone's been frozen there, but then realizes it's a statue. The second she looks away from it, the hand grabs her foot. "Don't look away," the Doctor warns her. "Don't even blink!" It's a Weeping Angel, you see, and they apparently got through Tasha's shield somehow. Why didn't they descend upon the town while nobody was looking? The Angels advance on the Doctor and Clara, but our intrepid heroes manage to escape because the Doctor was hiding a spare TARDIS key under his wig. Oh, by the way, he's been wearing a wig this whole time. Textually it's because the Doctor got bored and shaved his head one day. Really, it's because Matt Smith buzzed off his floppy locks for another role.

Now safely aboard the summoned TARDIS, the Doctor hones in on the source of the message. Clara also takes the opportunity to put on real clothes, and they (and Handles) head out into the town. "The message is coming from that tower," the Doctor says, waving his screwdriver around. The whole town is decorated for Christmas. They come across a cheerful man and woman in old-fashioned woolen garb, out for a stroll. The Doctor finds himself babbling about how he's a Time Lord from Gallifrey, while Clara very nearly confesses that she ran off with the Doctor because she fancied him. "Ah, of course -- it's a truth field," the Doctor surmises. "No one can lie in this town, especially this close to the tower," their new friends tell them. "What's this town called?" the Doctor says. "It's Christmas," the man says. "The town's called Christmas," the woman clarifies when the Doctor misunderstands.

As the Doctor walks into the tower, he finds a familiar sight. "What took you so long?" he asks, face to face with that crack in the fabric of reality that's been hounding him since he first met Amy Pond. "Someone's trying to get through from outside our universe," he says. "Why did you say Gallifrey?" he asks Handles. "Analysis of message composition indicates Gallifreyan origin," Handles says. The Doctor babbles about how the truth field is also coming from the crack, and the Time Lords might be behind it. He sticks a seal from the High Council on Handles' brow that permits him to decode the message. "The message is a request for information," Handles says. "It's a question," the Doctor snarks. "Why can't you just say it's a question?!" Like he has any room to complain about anybody not getting straight to a point. Handles says the question is being projected through all of time and space. "The oldest question, hidden in plain sight," the Doctor says, realizing. Why didn't this question come through any of the other times the crack showed up? The question is this: "Doctor who?" Unfortunately, all the orbiting ships pick up on the decoded message, so everybody knows what's going on. Maybe the Doctor should have told Handles to hush once he realized what the question was. Why permit it to be asked aloud? "Doctor whooooo," comes the message, over and over again, like the utterings of a demented owl.

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