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Merry Christmas and Goodbye

In the tower, Clara peruses all the pictures the children have drawn for him over the many years. The Doctor brings her and Handles up to the top of the tower to witness the sunlight that lasts only minutes a day. As they settle in, he explains the standoff. "They can't attack in case I unleash the Time Lords, and I can't run away because they'll burn this planet to stop the Time Lords." Wouldn't the crack just appear somewhere else, as it has before? Also, what makes them think he would unleash the Time Lords when he was the one who made them vanish in the first place? Maybe they don't know that. Maybe he should tell them. He poses Handles so that the old fellow has a good view of the impending sunrise. "He's getting old," the Doctor says. "I do my best for him, but I just can't get the parts." Handles warbles. "I have developed a fault," he says. The Doctor can do nothing for him. Even as the lights go out of his eye sockets, he reminds the Doctor about needing to fix the phone. "Come back," the Doctor whispers to his constant companion of the last 300 years. Sad music plays. It's rather moving, really, and perhaps more so than Eleven's final bow later in the episode. That's just... odd.

It's even sadder when the feeble sunlight rises over Handles's defunct face, a few moments too late for him to witness. Clara wonders why the Doctor sent her away. He didn't want her to get stuck there. He's going to die -- for real this time, because he's out of regenerations. "This is where I end up," he says. "This face, this version of me. We saw this planet in the future." He also saw his future self as the Curator, which makes his emo-waxing fall a bit flat here. Clara tries to convince him to leave, let someone else protect the planet, but there's nobody else. Tasha's big giant head appears in the sky. "The Church of the Silence requests parley," she says, guaranteeing his safety about her ship. Clara notices the sun's already gone down again. "Everything ends, Clara… sooner than you think," the Doctor says.

Back aboard the floating church in the sky, Clara notices Tasha hasn't aged. It's Clara's job to notice things, see. She also notices the Silence, whispering for them to confess. The Doctor explains they're genetically engineered priests. You forget them as soon as you've confessed to them. That makes not a lick of sense. Wouldn't you be stuck in an endless loop of confessing? While Clara and the Doctor chat privately with Tasha, all the nuns and soldiers and priests reveal themselves to be fleshy Daleks, as seen in "Asylum of the Daleks". While the Doctor was down on Trenzalore, Madame Kovarian broke away from the Church to carry out her crazy, insanely complicated plan to kill the Doctor in the past. It just ended up creating the problem in the first place. So that explains that, sort of. But Tasha wants to talk about changing the future, not the past. Except it's all the past, to somebody. "Three days ago, the Daleks attacked the Mainframe itself," she says. "Why didn't you call me?" the Doctor says. "I died in this room screaming your name," Tasha says. It seems to come as a surprise to her, like she's only now remembering she's dead. A Dalek eyestalk pushes out of her forehead.

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