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The Unquiet Dead

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Zombie Grandma Is Way Cooler Than All Other Zombies

Dickens rests, panting and old, against a door, and the Gelth form a scary Jacob Marley face, so he keeps running around shouting and scared.

The Doctor and Rose flatten back against the wall behind the grate, and Rose is...still processing two scenes ago: "But I can't die! Tell me I can't! I haven't even been born yet, it's impossible for me to die! Isn't it?!" No? The Doctor apologizes. No matter how right she was, no matter how well she's acclimating -- I mean, "acclimatizing" -- she's still in over her head. I like it when your escapist fantasies go south like this: "You mean it's not just the fun kind of mortal danger? Oh, snap."

Dickens has run out of the house altogether, pursued by the Gelth: "Failing! Atmosphere hostile!" There's some vaguely sci-fi language at times in these scenes, which I find to be kind of even scarier, all "atmosphere hostile" this and "the bridge is made" that -- makes them more alien, which mixes nicely with the ghost stuff. The particulars of this complaint are made clear when the Gelth spirit is sucked into a gas lamp. An anachronistic electric lightbulb goes off over Dickens's head.

The Doctor's still explaining Rose's impending death by time travel: "Time isn't a straight line. It can twist into any shape. You can be born in the twentieth century and die in the nineteenth and it's all my fault. I brought you here." Rose waves it off, all, "It's not your fault. I wanted to come," but the Doctor's done apologizing to her: "What about me? I saw the fall of Troy! World War Five! I pushed boxes at the Boston Tea Party, now I'm going to die in a dungeon! ...In Cardiff!" As awful as that apparently is, Rose one-ups: "It's not just dying. We'll become one of them."

Dickens rushes back into the house and, clearly either crazy or finally buying it, starts turning off all the thousand gas lamps in the house, so that the gas begins to fill the house; he runs around coughing and choking.

Rose: "We'll go down fighting, yeah?" Yeah. "Together?" Yeah! They link hands, and the Doctor smiles wonderfully at her: "I'm so glad I met you." She smiles up at him, surprised: "Me too." They smile at each other. Aww. I love: the love. The love, I love it!

Dickens comes running in and starts yelling at the Doctor that he needs to turn off the lights and fill the room with gas: "Turn it all on! Gas the place!" The Doctor thinks a minute and then smiles, getting it. "What, so we choke to death instead?" asks Rose. Heh. The Doctor congratulates Dickens -- at the latter's hysterical request -- on a very good plan: build the gas pressure in the environment higher than that of the corpses, and they'll get drawn out into the air, "like poison from a wound." The Gelth immediately start going after Dickens, who hopes aloud that his "theory will be validated soon..." and they advance on him "--If not immediately." The Doctor pulls a convenient gas pipe free from the wall in the little room, and all the creatures nearby are sucked out of their bodies at once, screaming horribly. The Doctor and Rose are at least able to get out of their cage. "Gwyneth! Send them back! They lied, they're not angels!" She says simply, "Liars." He begs Gwyneth to look at him: "If your mother and father could look down and see this, they'd tell you the same. They'd give you the strength. Now send them back!" Dickens grabs the choking Rose to get her out, but she refuses to leave Gwyneth, who is now wreathed in yellow flame. "They're too strong," says Gwyneth. The Doctor recalls the vision of Rose's world that Gwyneth had over washing up after their tea: "All those people -- none of it will exist, unless you send them back through the Rift." Gwyneth does a quick internal inventory, and admits that she can't send them back, but says she can hold them inside the house at least. "Get out," she says firmly, reaching into her maid's apron from some matches. Rose freaks -- it's pretty intense -- and the Doctor grabs her, promising not to leave Gwyneth until she's out of danger. Alone with Gwyneth, the Doctor holds out his hand for the matches, but her lack of response clicks for him, and he stares at her, sad and surprised.

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