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Honeymoon In Venice

Rory's stag night, where he is yelling like a hooligan. He's drunk, and pretty charming, and what he is up to is calling Amy's voicemail to say cute things. "The reason for this call is because I haven't told you for seven hours that I love you! Which is a scandal! And even if we weren't getting married tomorrow, I'd ask you to marry me anyway! Yes, I would! Because you are smashing!"

Then the stripper music starts so he hangs up on his fiancée who is also a stripper so that he can look at the stripper. But then it is not a stripper, it's the Doctor, who has come to get Rory so they can fix things and get Amy's shit together so she'll stop trying to kiss him on his alien mouth. Paternalistic, yes. But after her screamin-meemie scariness last week, I think the proper choice.

There's a thing developing here that's really interesting, having to do with Amy refusing to grow up, stuck in the time and place when the Crack appeared, so if the Doctor is going to fix what he did to her, he needs to get her jump-started again. All of which we knew, and is really great, because it turns the whole "places in space and time that never should have touched" into exactly what it needs to be, to justify this season. I'm in love with all of this. But it's wicked ambitious -- not to say presumptuous -- to write this particular story given the assumptions that Mofo's working under, and I'm not seeing a lot of success on that front, because the story underway is getting staticked by two things.

The first is that Amy is not a human being, she's a set of signifiers that does whatever the plot needs her to do, even when the plot is about her. And there's nothing in her personality that isn't visually covered by "Scots Ginger" in the first place: She's all that and very little more. But that can be fixed, and may well be central to the story. Mostly the problem is the way Moffat thinks about men and women, so you get a lot of interference in the story because what he thinks of as a girl growing up bears very little resemblance to what a girl growing up actually looks like.

For Moffat, a girl becomes a woman when she gets married. And I have a huge allergy to that, and the overarching heteronormative constant explaining of what a man is and what a woman is, and my God how I hate the "I knew she was your wife because she emasculates you" bullshit... But honestly, I can't be mad about it. He actually thinks this. Your father, or at least grandfather, actually thinks this. These are not alien concepts. And therefore, I am not having a problem with it anymore. This is the story we get, this is the story I'm watching, and if one of the qualities of it doesn't float my boat, oh well. It's not evil and it's not invalidated: It's just imperfect.

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