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Honeymoon In Venice

When he tells her he's of Gallifrey, she cuts him to the quick: "You should be in a museum! Or in a mausoleum." Well, not really to the quick, because they're almost friends at this point. They ran from the Silence, is why they're in Venice 1580. Why is he? "Wedding present." His response question is about the Silence, which she actually delves into a little: "There were Cracks. Some were tiny, some were as big as the sky. Through some we saw worlds, and people, and through others we saw Silence, and the end of all things. We fled to an ocean like ours, and the Crack snapped shut behind us, and Saturnyne was lost." Rosanna, by the way, has a beautiful laugh. He really likes her, I think as much as I do. Such a grace note on what could have been a forgettable episode.

So Earth is the colony, like almost every episode seems like, and she immediately asks the Doctor if he wants to build a new society with her. His response question: "Where's Isabella?" She doesn't recognize the name, but ponies up when he reminds her who that is, by explaining that she threw Isabella in the canal, where she got raped and eaten. The way she describes it, you can kind of respect why she did it. Then she asks the Doctor to be her husband, essentially, and he nearly laughs. "I'm a Time Lord, you're a big fish. Think of the children!" True. She's a total MILF, but in reality that is a lie. Big fish.

She hisses and things head south: "You're right, we're nothing alike. I will bend the heavens to save my race, while you philosophize." The Doctor offers to tear down the House of Calvieri stone by stone, and he's escorted out, and then we get some major Mofo mojo in the ridiculously cheesy form of the Doctor yelling, "And you know why? You didn't know Isabella's name. You didn't know Isabella's name!"

Not so much the rape and murder and lying about the Black Plague and turning girls into breeding-cow Veelas, but Rosanna's insensitivity to the girl she murdered. That's what it's all about.

I mean, maybe that is what it's all about. This Doctor seems more about the trees and less about the forest than any other Doctor we know. And somebody on the forums suggested that maybe this had to do with the issue of his Regeneration, dying for Wilf, which I quite like. Who knows, but it's an idea to think about moving forward.

Okay, so now the ridiculous throne is apparently a weather machine of some kind, and suddenly Phase Two of the plan is to make a big storm or whatnot, I forget at this point why but it might be about raising the waters in the canals so high that Venice drowns. Right? We'll get there. She's going from fish to lady to fish to lady, because of Amy kicking her, which is just so irritating. She summons the Veelas, essentially so there can be more adventures.

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