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The Wedding of River Song

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The Wedding of River Song

He winces dramatically as each flash blasts him, but none of the shots hit their target. He cracks an eye open, sees River smiling at him from the Apollo suit. "Hello, Sweetie," she says. She shot without hitting him, draining the weapon and effectively rewriting history. The "fixed point" is screwed. Everything freezes and then dissolves in grainy white light.

Once more in the Senate, the Doctor tells Winston that time is dying. "It's going to be 5:02 for all eternity," he says. How is it 5:02 in Utah and England at the same time, though? I have got to stop thinking or I will never get through this. So: Winston realizes he's recently fired his gun and the Doctor's suddenly holding a spear. "We seem to be defending ourselves," he says. "The creatures that lead the Silence are... memory-proof." The Doctor's not too worried, but then many, many more hash marks appear on his arm. He was carrying a marker with him? Stop thinking, stop thinking! When he looks up, he sees dozens upon dozens of those nattily dressed Silence gentlemen hanging from the ceiling from their feet like bats. A smoke bomb rolls onto the floor. Armed soldiers appear on the scene. "Keep the Silence in sight at all times," a commanding voice tells them, "and keep your eye drives active!" A familiar redhead strides across the floor, emerging from the smoke. "Pond, Amelia Pond," she identifies herself. The Doctor is giddy to see her, right up until he realizes she's wearing an eye patch. Expressionless, she raises a weapon and shoots him in the head with a burst of light.

The Doctor wakes some time later on a train in a pretty nice office. In the background, a radio announcer is apologizing for the interference coming from recent solar flare activity. Amy's watching him from the doorway. "Those stun guns aren't fun," she apologizes. "I wanted to avoid a long conversation." She tells him to get up because they'll be in Cairo soon. The Doctor tries to talk her out of whatever evil plan she has, tries to make her remember him and their friendship in another reality, tells her she can see what others can't because of growing up with that rift in her bedroom. He realizes in mid-ramble that the walls are filled with her drawings of all their adventures. She has a little model TARDIS, too. She finally smiles at him and gives him a clean suit to wear.

He's soon dressed and clean-shaven, but his hair... it is still a sadness. Much happier now, he wonders if she's some kind of special agent. She tells him she and some others are trying to fix what went wrong with time. "Where's the Roman?" he asks. "You mean Rory, my husband Rory," she says. She shows him one of her sketches. It looks nothing like Rory. It looks like the offspring of Philip J. Fry and Tom Welling, the existence which the barriers of reality and biology had heretofore prohibited. Not surprisingly, she hasn't been able to find him in this reality. Amy wonders if they can't just stay this way, with all of time happening at once. "Time isn't just frozen, it's disintegrating," the Doctor tells her. Time is like so much ice cream left in the freezer for too long. Captain Williams, one of Amy's soldiers, politely interrupts to tell them they've almost arrived. It's Rory, also wearing a patch. The Doctor gives him a big smile but Amy still doesn't recognize him.

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