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Problem one: Since the hyperdrive split on impact, the whole thing is racked with radiation and "gravity storms." Deadly to everybody but Angels, who love that sort of thing. Quick Excellent rundown of the indigenous two-headed Aplans, who died out 400 years ago, and then 200 years later, humans terraformed and built up their numbers to six billion. What part of this information is necessary? None, and given what happens later actually it runs counter to the plot, but at least it's an excuse for yet another "You lot, you're everywhere! Like rabbits! I'll never get done saving you!" joke, because those go over so well.

The Doctor tells the Bishop to lock and load, he calls out to his Verger about the explosives -- which is just brilliant, of all the different clerical words they use here, because of what a verger does -- and Bishop Octavian summons River Song in turn, but she calls out, "Two minutes! Sweetie, I need you!" The Doctor follows her, and Amy feels left out. She heads inside the communications room with the Angel video, and it's taken its hands from its face; it's beginning to turn toward her.

"I found this. Definitive work on the Angels. Well, the only one. Written by a madman, it's barely readable, but I've marked a few passages..." The Doctor recognizes it, I guess -- "Didn't you hate his girlfriend?" -- and smells it like he does lately, as Amy asks Song about whether there was another clip. She heads back inside to see the Angel standing, arms tossed out and getting closer in every loop, while the Doctor complains that there's something wrong with the book.

"Oh, it's so strange when you go all baby-face. How early is this for you?" Very. He doesn't know what she's about yet. "How do you know who I am? I don't always look the same." She's got pictures, all his faces. "You never show up in the right order though. I need the Spotter's Guide..." He's distracted by what she said, so sweetly: There aren't any pictures in the madman's book. While Amy yells at the Angel, that it shouldn't be moving and the usual, and tries to turn it off -- and once again we see her, framed and staring out at us -- and the Angel gets closer, fascinating her on the screen, and finds that she is locked inside, and the Angel bares its teeth, outside the barracks the Doctor and the Doctor remember something you'd think would be just a bit more memorable. Everybody gets stupid.

"What does that mean, 'An image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel?'" After a few seconds, they figure out what should have been immediately obvious but took them just the few seconds necessary to make something exciting happen to Amy, they try to crack back into the barracks. Amy winks first one eye and then the other, desperately trying not to blink per the folklore, as they scream at each other through the walls. It comes out of the screen at her, at us, and for some reason it has locked River and the Doctor out, and Amy gets very nervous about what it's going to do to her, and she locks eyes with the Angel... Just in time for the Doctor to tell us a whole new rule about the Angels that we never knew before, and contradicts actual shit that has happened on this show: "Amy, not the eyes. Look anywhere but don't look at the eyes! 'The eyes are not the windows of the soul, they are the doors. Beware what may enter there.'"

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