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The Breaking Of Albion

The Steward hands out guns to all the men of the house and tells Isobel to get the girls out through the kitchen. Lady Isobel protests that she can't leave her husband: "What will you do?" Defend the Queen. Atone for putting love before the Crown. "Now, don't think of me -- just go." She kisses him and pulls the women through to the kitchen. The Doctor sonics Rose out of her handcuffs, wondering to himself, "Could be any form of light-modulated species, triggered by specific wavelengths...Did it say what it wanted?" It did, Rose nods: "The Queen, the Crown, the Throne. You name it." Two hundred years of hate and fear. They hear a thump, and the Doctor heads out into the corridor: the Wolf has knocked down the door, and stands at the far end of the corridor, like a telescope. He and the Doctor stare at each other, the Doctor surprised by his beauty and by this strange brotherhood; he ducks back into the room upon the Wolf's growl, grabbing Rose's hand and pulling her back behind the armed soldiers (just like "Dalek," again). On the Steward's command, they shoot at him, and he stumbles; Rose flinches as they fire again and again, surprised by her strange brotherhood to this hollowed-out boy. So far above the lives and death of these humans of Torchwood that her Doctor-taught impulse is still to save him, even as he slavers and howls.

Lady Isobel and her maids run through to the kitchen, where they find a line of monks surrounding the house with guns at the ready. Flora screams the obvious: these are not the good kind of monks, but the kind that are ninjas and worship the Wolf: "They'll never let us out. They mean for us to die!" She's hysterical and begging for a slap; Isobel just tells her to stuff it.

The firing squad is shrouded in smoke, no sign of the Wolf. The Doctor orders them back upstairs, but the Steward refuses to retreat: "The battle's done. There's no creature on God's Earth that could survive such an assault." The Doctor gets pissed and repeats that he needs to get his staunch ass upstairs, and the Steward commits a sin of pride: "And I'm telling you, sir, that I will sleep well tonight with that thing's hide upon my wall." This isn't his world. Midsentence, as he grins back at the frightened party, the Wolf reaches down from the ceiling and eats him to death. The Doctor grabs Rose and they book it; through the Wolf's eyes we watch him devour the soldiers that remain.

Isobel and all the other useless women whine and whimper in the kitchen; she puts her arms comfortingly around them as they crouch. When the Wolf comes, standing framed in the doorway, she shuts her eyes and makes ready to die. But he sniffs and turns away. She's confused.

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