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The Breaking Of Albion

...where, down below, the household watches the shadows of their feet, terrified, and look at the man in the cage, who raises a hand to his fingers: "Shhhh." Compare, please, "Dalek": a beast in a cage, brother to the Doctor. But if I tell you this one's about Rose, the question remains: who's her Dalek, really?

One of the soldiers places the wooden box carefully inside a safe, and Reynolds warns him to guard it with his life. Sir Robert enters Torchwood's observatory with the Queen, Rose, and the Doctor. Behind them follow Father Angelo and two of his men. All the monks are dressed as household staff. In the middle of the room, there's an enormous telescope, very steampunk and impressive. Victoria refers to it as "the famous endeavor," and Sir Robert is proud: "All my father's work, built by hand in his final years. Became something of an obsession: he spent his money on this rather than caring for the house or himself." To touch the stars, forgetting your feet still rest upon the ground, you could let yourself waste away. The Doctor smiles and wishes he'd met MacLeish Senior: "I like him." Aww. The Doctor draws close, and Sir Robert says that he can help himself. Nobody knows what the endeavor's really about: "To be honest, most of us thought him a little...shall we say, eccentric." The Doctor laughs, in a dorky way, but Sir Robert muses, "I wish now I'd spent more time with him. And listened to his stories." He glances at the Queen, but if it's because they have this in common, or simply because he now knows that sometimes the Big Bad Wolf is real, he doesn't say. It's their world, father and husband, and Sir Robert and Victoria are just huddled in the wreckage. "It's a bit rubbish," says the Doctor, and Rose spins around on him, grinning. "How many prisms has it got? Way too many. The magnification's gone right over the top, that's stupid..." He quietly asks Rose if he's being rude again, and she nods. "...But it's pretty! It's very...pretty!" Rose pats the Doctor sweetly on the arm as Victoria raises her head higher: "And the imagination of it should be applauded." Rose is surprised, thinking Her Majesty would disapprove: "Stargazing. Isn't that a bit fanciful?" Queen Victoria stares at her like she'd just spit on Albert. Which she kind of did. "You could easily...not be amused, or something? No?" The Queen levels her gaze at Rose -- as the Doctor shakes his head with a secret smile -- that the endeavor "surveys the infinite work of God." We've got one of those too! Does yours require a Scottish hottie with an Estuary accent in order to run? "What could be finer? Sir Robert's father was an example to us all, a polymath. Steeped in astronomy and sciences, yet equally well versed in folklore and fairytales." The Doctor falls a bit more madly in love with old dead MacLeish, circling the telescope: "Stars and magic."

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