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The Breaking Of Albion

Victoria talks about how much her husband loved MacLeish -- "Prince Albert himself was acquainted with many rural superstitions, coming as he did from Saxe-Coburg," which the Doctor explains means "Bavaria" -- and that, for example, he was "transported" when he heard the story about the wolf. This pricks up the Doctor's ears, but Sir Robert can't really tell the story right now, what with Fr. Angelo staring at him all creepy-bald-monk guy. At the Doctor's insistence, Sir Robert stammers, and is saved by Fr. Angelo, who suggests that the arrivals might repair to their rooms: "It's almost dark." Sir Robert agrees, nodding sketchily, and Victoria demands both supper and clothes for Miss Tyler: "I'm tired of nakedness." (Yeah, and 250 years later you still need a prescription for Plan B, you old bitch.) "It's not amusing, is it?" asks Rose, and Queen Victoria once again makes an obviously conscious decision to ignore Rose. (And yeah, the "not amused" thing actually had to do with a dirty joke her gay groomsman told at dinner, so this is the most likely one so far, but no dice.) The Doctor and Rose pants around adorably, again, some more, as Victoria orders Sir Robert to get some of Isobel's clothes together; she also orders dinner at 7, and more talk about the wolf: "After all, there is a full moon tonight," she smiles, and leaves. "So there is," Sir Robert agrees, in a torment.

As Rose tries on clothes in a bedroom, and the sun is setting, the monks brew mistletoe tea, which Fr. Angelo gives in mugs to the soldiers standing guard. As Rose discovers a young housemaid in her wardrobe, the guards drop, and the monks steal their guns.

Later, Rose sits on the bed with Flora, trying to calm the girl. Flora, terrified, tells Rose how they kidnapped the Steward and the MacLeishes, and Rose promises her that her friend, the Doctor, will know what to do. "My guardian angel will speak out In that high place, and tell thee all." She makes to take Flora with her to find him, but Flora's too afraid. Rose: "Flora, we'll be safe. There's [sic] more people arrived downstairs, soldiers and everything. They can help us." Everyone but the feral girl. She's smart to know that ninjas are beyond even her ken, though; outside, they find a guard unconscious, causing Flora to whimper some more. She feels for his pulse and determines that he is -- probably -- not dead: "He must be drugged or something." The girls are thenceforth grabbed and dragged away by the monks, Fr. Angelo at the head of the group. He steps over a guard as another monk drags him away...

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