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Caan eventually sided with Sec, and was working behind the scenes all through Donna's year to bring everybody down. So these are just the weakest, palest children of the Cult of Skaro: The overly xeroxed grandchildren of Davros. That whole parallel Davros set up -- with the Children of Time on one side and Skaro's warriors on the other -- is what broke down when Donna died. So if just one remove away from Davros leads to this kind of miscegenation and self-doubt... No wonder Torchwood is so shitty at what they do! Jack Harkness is the Doctor's Caan! These guys are the Dalek Torchwood!

That's hilarious. Anyway. Somewhere in there the Dalek and Cybusmen had their little face-off, which would have been Torchwood, and Yvonne. Right? The Void. So then maybe came the cat-penises, and at some point there was Dalek Caan, who was like the most awesome, most wasted thing of all time; possibly involved in the above. And then they stole the planets, which is the thing Amy can't remember and the thing Adelaide couldn't forget. That's when Caan said all the crazy things, and Donna took care of it that time somehow, and they all piloted the TARDIS, which was cool. But who was left at that point, Dalek-wise? She was talking really fast and I don't remember what she did with them.

"One ship survived." Oh, well then. Okay. So they fell back through time, crippled and dying... and they "picked up a trace." One of their Progenitor devices, which is "our past... and our future" -- "That is deep for a Dalek," the Doctor says, which I guess is true but not exactly deep for anybody else -- and so the deal is that this Progenitor device contains pure Dalek DNA: "Thousands were created, all were lost. Save one."

It's that word "pure" that kills me, here, because of where and when we are. The only thing good about that was how black Dalek Sec became Diagoras, and turned the hatred of the other Daleks against themselves. His lack of "purity" was the point of grace that scared the rest of the Cult of Skaro shitless, and they abandoned the experiment. But here, in the middle of WWII? Don't talk to me about "purity," please. How fucking gross.

The Doctor asks why they created Bracewell if they had the Progenitor, and then based on zero information from when he asked the question a second ago, he's able to answer it. But not without a lot of self-congratulation and content-free whoops and hollers about how amazing he is -- which translates into the writer telling us, directly, how amazing this episode is. Which is something, apparently, every scene in this season requires. To its credit, though, the music is simply gorgeous in this scene, not manipulative at all.

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