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The Long Life Of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent is haunted by realities he can't access, has a mind of untrammeled majesty that nobody else quite understands; his mind is affected by time and space in a way nobody else -- even people with his same problems -- can ever directly access. He is a good man, with a place in his life for love, but with so many integral struts and balances missing inside that only genius and sorrow can really make it up. He's got a hole in himself that he doesn't know the name of.

Some little kids call out about "the doctor," but they're talking about the one who cared for Vincent when he went mad. The Doctor smiles at himself, and Amy drags him to another one, a church in Auvers. They look closer, thrilled -- "You can almost feel his hand... Carving the colors into shapes..." -- but notice a very scary animal in the window of the church. It's a big scary rooster-type animal, apparently also evil. "I know evil when I see it," the Doctor says, "And I see it in that window."

The Doctor flirts Bill Nighy into within an inch of his life, they giggle at each other about their bowties and Bill confirms that the church painting was done "probably somewhere between the first and third of June, 1890." Less than a year before his suicide. So the Doctor drags Amy off to just before Vincent's suicide. To save his life.

At one of those adorable patio'd bistros I'm given to understand are all that really goes on in France, the people are so not into helping them find Vincent, because Vincent is crazy and annoying and a drunk. The Doctor immediately offers to buy drunk poor Vincent a drink, and Vincent is mean to him because of the total gayness of that, but then Amy gets all feisty and yells at everybody and buys a bottle of wine and flirts with Vincent while the Doctor grins at them and thinks about Rory.

Hilariously, they get around the (wonderful) actor's brogue with some really cute TARDIS-translatory joke about how since they're all speaking French, and Amy's Scottish, the assumption is that they're both from Holland, which is how the real Vincent would talk. I like that. Vincent is suspicious of the Doctor, because his brother's always sending him doctors, but they change the subject to how much Amy likes Vincent's art. Which she's never seen. Awkward. Imagine if somebody loved you and you didn't understand why. It would sound like a lie.

They change the subject again to how Amy must not know much of art if she likes his art, because he doesn't believe in himself and that sort of thing. Then they change the subject one last time, to flirting with each other in a very sexy way while the Doctor gets more and more uncomfortable. Finally we talk about the churches and whatever, Vincent's been thinking about painting it, and but then one of the rude bistro lady's daughters gets gored by an invisible rooster creature, which causes the first of this episode's few false notes, which is somehow this situation results in the three of them having to run this gauntlet of mean townspeople from central casting who yell and spit and I don't know, throw rocks. Mental illness, you see, there is a stigma.

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