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The Long Life Of Vincent van Gogh

While the character and the actor are spot on, there's a negative space around the character that is very show-don't-telly, like, I don't think very many village drunks engage in conversation about how they're the village drunk, okay, but Vincent can't wait to talk about how this is the case, with anybody who will listen. Anyway, Vincent asks where Amy and the Doctor are staying, which the Doctor adorably turns into an invitation, and then we're at Vincent's house.

"Dark night, very starry," the Doctor mugs, which is something they always do on this show to make us feel smart and hilarious, so I'm not going to whine about it. Amy talks a great deal about how much she loves his art, which is scattered all around the place and of which he is not taking very good care. The Doctor also. He thanks them for their kindness but he doesn't really hear it. The Doctor keeps pressing him about the church, but I think he just honestly isn't that interested because he's not there yet. The invisible rooster creature is not a part of that particular moment in his life, it's his life all the time, and he's got a million plans and schemes burning all the time, so why this one thing? (Also, dear This Season: What is it with you and churches?)

Vincent begins ramping up to a serious manic episode at this point. I think if I was a little kid, or I guess if I were a little kid with a very different childhood, I would find this all very funny or deep or something, but honestly it just scared the shit out of me. This is totally the scariest part of the entire episode, not only because mania is automatically upsetting, but also because you know what's going to happen next. There's a double-dutch jump, sort of revolving-door moment, in this cycle where you see beauty and hope through the spinning, and then it goes away again.

I think probably hope is the worst part of this particular kind of story. There are readings of the myth of Pandora that say Hope is left not because of the grace of the Gods, but because it's the cruelest thing. The worst of the horrors inside. Without dreams there wouldn't be despair, right? If you didn't have hope, nothing could touch you.

"It seems to me there's so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of," Vincent rattles, and the Doctor woggles his eyebrows at Amy. Not so cute hours later, with the fires burning down and Vincent tossing his arms and legs around as he whirls across the room, talking faster and higher and louder: "It's color! Color, that holds the key! I can hear the colors! Listen to them. [The Doctor, adorably, attempts to listen to them. The Doctor, unsurprisingly, has a high tolerance for this shit.] Every time I step outside, I feel nature is shouting at me. Come on. Come and get me. Come on. Come on! Capture my mystery!"

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