This Show's Lucky To Be Alive

by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

When we return, Dumbshow Dad is going back in the chair, and Topher explains that the imprint is basically going to turn her into a Russian mail-order bride. I thought he'd be talking to Adelle, figuring it's her memory again, but it's actually Ballard, who seems to be her Handler at this moment in time. When she comes out of the chair, Echo babbles inconsequentially in Russian, but things take a turn once she and Ballard are safely in the elevator -- she's somehow retained what seems to be her Caroline persona while still having access to the Russian imprint. This new ability isn't without its drawbacks, thought, as she complains, "the headaches are getting worse." After she cryptically commands Ballard to "pick up the pace" of some unspecified activity, she groans loudly in pain...

...but not as loudly as Iris screams when we cut back to her and Lynn's bloody corpse, and now Echo's not the only one in need of some Excedrin. The others quickly arrive on the scene and, realizing the call is coming from inside the house, move their asses out of there, with Zone holding a hand over Iris's mouth to prevent her screaming further, and the man may be more abrasive than Brillo but I still think I might be in love. As they jumpily keep their guns at the ready, they decide to hole up back in Topher's office (they're still calling it the Romper Room, heh), arguing on the way about the tech and whether there's a way to stop it. Zone adds that it's time to "birthmark the girl." The others are down with that, and Zone snarks at Iris not to worry. "Everybody's got to grow up sometime."

Nice cut to Claire (scars are still there, by the way) frantically saying she's not ready for this as Boyd bustles about packing. He says he's got to go someplace where he can't be pinpointed, and it's not clear what's happened to send him on the lam but he does warn her, "They have ways of making you talk." Or, in Topher's case, of making you shut up. Boyd then winces at an apparent injury, which makes me wonder if he got shot with an arrow again, and Claire emotionally gives him some antibiotics and warns him to be wary of fever, as that's the first sign of infection. He cuts her off and says he'll be okay, and she just about completely loses it as she replies that she wishes they had more time. Another line that would have been a lot harder to take if the show had been canned. He hugs her and then promises he'll come back for her, and just like that, he's gone, leaving her despondent.

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