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Ballard Is Brain Dead

Back at the Dollhouse, Ballard wonders who's left, and Boyd tells him there's just one guy who's not safely accounted for -- Joel Mynor, who you'll remember was played by Patton Oswalt. Boyd adds that every year, Mynor goes on a retreat to an unspecified location, and not even his family knows where. But, they realize, "Rebecca" might, and if she knows, Alpha does too, so they'd better find him immediately...

...and we cut to Mynor walking by himself on a beach when Ballard sidles up next to him. Not having the fondest memories of their last encounter, Mynor tries to tell Ballard to go away, rather amusingly attempting to trot through the sand as he does, but Ballard explains that he's with the Dollhouse now (hilariously prompting Mynor to call him a total weirdo) and they believe his life's in danger. Mynor says he's getting married and doesn't do the whole Dollhouse thing anymore, but changes his tune when Echo-as-Rebecca makes her appearance...

...and just like that, the bunch of them are back at the Dollhouse, and I certainly didn't think of it in the moment, but in retrospect it's worth noting that they might have considered that Alpha, three steps ahead of them at every other turn, didn't even catch them after they went all the way out to find Mynor and came all the way back. Adelle and Topher come out to greet them, and Adelle congratulates Mynor on his impending nuptials before telling him Topher will be only too happy to keep him techno-entertained for days at a time, and the hero worship written all over Topher's face suggests that's all too true. When "Rebecca" asks if she can stay with Mynor, he's like, "Sure, don't see the problem!" but Adelle is like, ixnay -- she's in need of a treatment. I think Adelle is just asserting her usual recent iron fist when it comes to Echo, but I'm sure Mynor's fiancée appreciates the sentiment. Once Topher's led Mynor away, Adelle drops the sunny smile and orders Echo to sit while she berates Ballard and Boyd for disobeying her command to put Echo back in solitary. She adds that she's aware of their "little cabal," and she will not consent to being "managed." Ballard apologizes before he gets slapped or much, much worse, and Adelle tells them to get Echo out of her sight while she deals with finding suitable accommodations for Mynor...

...who's currently ignoring Topher in favor of looking after Echo with a pining expression. Once she's disappeared, he admits that it never occurred to him that Rebecca would still exist after he stopped coming to the Dollhouse, and it's fair enough that he's thrown for a loop about his dead wife but I'm happy enough when Topher gets his mind off that subject by bringing up Alpha. Mynor is less than pleased to know that Alpha the super-genius knows where the Dollhouse is, but Topher assures him there's no possible way he can get in now..., after we get a shot of Echo being locked up again...'s no surprise that Alpha turns up, specifically in Adelle's office. I'd imagine she has less to fear than the others, but then again, we don't know that Miss Lonelyhearts was strictly heterosexual, do we?

When we return, Alpha asks what she thinks of his attire, and since he brings up the subject the ugly, busy pink floral shirt wouldn't have been my choice to go with a three-piece gray suit and other-shade-of-pink tie, but I don't generally go for the dandy Beau Brummel look, as Alpha admits he was. Speaking of which, if you're a James Purefoy fan, and who among us isn't, you should totally check out Beau Brummel: This Charming Man if you can get your hands on it. I don't think you'll be sorry. Alpha pours himself a drink and then freshens Adelle's, who's only too happy, given her trembling hands, to down a huge gulp. Noticing this, he asks if she's scared, and she admits to being terrified. He approves of that, but not so much of her suggestion that she have Echo brought to him, deeming that "not very chivalrous," and frankly, that's a pretty chivalrous description of her offer. Woman is not covering herself in glory these last couple episodes. Alpha goes on to muse that Echo isn't "ready" for him, so Adelle then suggests she give him Mynor instead, like, woman, get yourself under control here! Once again, however, Alpha spurns her pathetic attempt at appeasement, saying she doesn't have anything in which he's interested that he can't just take, but right now, he'd like to share the contents of an envelope with her. Ooh, is it next year's Oscar winners? I knew that thing was fixed!

Ballard and Boyd have a pointless exchange, like, way to make my enthusiasm for their shared screentime look good.

Back where the action is, Adelle is rather intrigued by the photos, but Alpha doesn't give her much of a chance to dwell on them, instead offering his hand as he says it's time to go. He suggests they take the elevator...

...which allows Ballard to catch them on the security camera, and again, in retrospect it's obvious that every move Alpha makes is designed to get a particular reaction from the Dollhouse people. I like that it's all there without the show drawing attention to it. Boyd tells Ballard to get to Mynor while he goes for Adelle...

...and then Alpha and Adelle are exiting the elevator onto the balcony. Looking down on the Dolls doing yoga down in the atrium, he comments that Adelle must have had them all wiped after she discovered his security breach, and when Adelle fearfully inquires why he's asking, he's like, "No reason." Heh, that's credible. Once he sees Boyd and Ballard on the scene, he lets Adelle go, which would be another point worth analyzing if his plan weren't going to come clear in about three seconds, but I do love the fact that she hustles away without a moment's hesitation. To that earlier point, he pulls out a device awfully similar to Topher's and theatrically activates it, and after it emits a familiar high-pitched whine for a few seconds, the Dolls suddenly start kicking the asses of their handlers and the security guys. Now, I don't know what percentage of the Actives are in the house at any given moment, and it's not clear to me that he needed every single one of them here for his plan to work, but it certainly adds to the drama. Also, I could see Alpha wanting to give every single Doll a chance for revenge on the Dollhouse, although that's certainly a different attitude from those times he's sliced his fellow Actives up. In her cell, Echo feels the device, which is of course ineffective against her ability to hold on to her personalities, but does reveal Alpha's presence to her. Alpha watches in grim delight as the Dolls deal out death and destruction, while in her cell, Echo covers the security camera, like, I think people might have a little much on their hands to be checking that, hon. Boyd takes a break from fighting his Active to yell to Adelle to get into one of the offices, and she runs and locks herself in...

...just as Victor is coming out of the chair with a too-blank look on his face. Topher barely has time to wonder what the high-pitched noise was before Victor clocks him in the face, and then when Alpha enters, Mynor looks like he knows the game is up. But hey, so

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