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Ballard Is Brain Dead
nsensical, yet amusing. Alpha proceeds to get the better of her in an exchange that ends with him pitching her over the railing onto the couch below, but he makes the mistake of specifying some more, allowing Echo some recovery time before she throws him through some glass to the atrium below. She gets on top of him and proceeds to beat him within an inch of his life, but just as she's about to deliver the killing blow, Alpha switches to Ballard's voice, asking if she trusts him. She's horrified that Alpha imprinted himself with Ballard's personality, but when he repeats the question, she can't help responding, "With my life." Alpha then asks her to kill him, and I'm guessing this is his final test of whether she truly loves Ballard, because when she can't go through with it, he's exasperated. After stopping for one last baleful glance at a confused and terribly shaken Echo, he's gone...

...while upstairs, Topher has gotten the device together, and with Boyd in tow he starts zapping Actives right and left, including Sierra, although not before she bashes some poor guy's brains in, like, he'll be really bitter in the afterlife when he learns he only needed to hold out for about five more seconds. They then bust into the lab to find Echo sobbing as she holds Ballard. Greg Laswell's remake of "Your Ghost" appropriately kicks up...

...and continues as we cut to sometime later, as the Dollhouse has returned to its usual serene state. Mynor comes in to say goodbye to Echo, and when she points out that Alpha's still out there, he counters that he doesn't feel all that much safer inside the Dollhouse. Yeah, it's hard to argue that point. He adds that he has the resources to protect himself, so Echo changes the subject by accessing Rebecca again, smiling and putting her hands on his shoulders as she asks what his new fiancée is like. He has a hard time talking to her about this, even as she assures him that Rebecca wouldn't want him to be alone, and they talk about living on and people they've lost becoming a part of them, and in combination with the song it's surprisingly affecting, and Dushku and Oswalt have surprising chemistry together, and then when Mynor leaves, Echo turns offscreen and asks, "Can you live on for me?" We pan left to see that she's talking to Ballard, who's on life support, and since I'm so close to the end I'll just use Dollhouse technology as the explanation for how he could have survived such a ridiculous length of time without brain function...

...and then we see Adelle, watching from nearby with a hundred different tiny expressions playing over her very British face, and then we're out. Excellent episode, and next time, we get to see what the Attic is all about, so I can only imagine that's going to rule as well. See you then for the last of the two-hour events!

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at, or follow him on Twitter at


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