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Topher breaks the bad news to Adelle by showing her a scan of a healthy brain (his own, heh) and then that of the creepy dude, which has large dark spots on it. Topher explains that the guy is not using the parts of his brain that control empathy and compassion, and long story short, his map strongly resembles that of a serial killer. Adelle is frankly horrified, and Topher adds that he has "serious ethical problems" with attempting to cure him. Hilariously, Boyd's like, "You hear that? Topher has ethical problems? Get it?" until Topher basically tells him to cram it while Adelle gets her assistant to call the uncle, "Bradley Karrens," on the double.

Ballard and Echo enter what I'm guessing is the Dollhouse spa and personal shopping experience rolled into one, given the mention back in the lab that he was going to take her on a shopping spree and the way the proprietor recognizes Echo but notes that Ballard is new. As he examines Echo's work order, the guy babbles some stuff that's obviously very amusing to him but is kind of hit-or-miss to everyone else, although his comment that "Kiki" is "not exactly a rocket scientist" is at least not going to provoke any arguments, even from the bubblehead herself. She does babble irritatingly about how she must have won a prize, and like I said in the recaplet, the less time spent on this subplot the better, so let's move ahead to where Ballard settles in for a long wait next to an attractive handler of color, who complains that he won't even do this kind of Primping Day stuff for his wife. Ballard sighs, "I was trained at Quantico." He really is funny when he's in on the joke.

The uncle, Bradley, is waiting in the office when Adelle enters, and it's yet another Battlestar alum, Michael Hogan, who seems to have played a "Col. Tigh." I'm starting to think I should have watched that show just based on the time it would have saved me looking these people up alone. Anyway, Adelle's not thrilled at having been kept in the dark in regard to the true nature of the nephew, "Terry," so Bradley comes clean -- the "minor offenses" that Adelle is aware of are only the tip of the iceberg, and there have been many survivors of Terry's "indiscretions," who have been persuaded, "monetarily or by other means," to stay quiet. Too bad Boyd's not around to be all "And by 'indiscretions' and 'other means' you mean..." about the whole thing. The point is, there have been some abductions lately, and if they don't find out the identities of the kidnapped women, they'll likely die, after which a huge scandal will be the unpreventable end. Bradley goes on that he's always been close with Terry, and "if there are women out there, he'd tell me." Adelle, however, says that if he's to be questioned, it will happen on her terms. She's so intimidating when she's sipping tea.

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