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Echo comes out from her beauty treatment, and we get endless slo-mo pans over her tits and legs as Ballard stares at her like he hasn't gotten any since, uh, November. However, Boyd thankfully interrupts to tell Ballard he'll fill in on this assignment, as Ballard's services are required for the interrogation of a serial killer. With one more look at Echo, Ballard's like, "Thank God," and he's not the only one.

Victor comes out of the chair, dressed just like Terry, and is assaulted by a mental vision of himself, to which he replies, "Goodness gracious." We don't get to hear what he says when two Dollhouse agents then stuff a bag over his head, but it wouldn't shock me if it were something slightly more profane.

When we return, Victor is alone in an interrogation room talking uselessly about how he knows his rights while a viewing party in Adelle's office observes. Ballard asks Topher how much "Terry" understands of what's happening, and Topher says he did a "straight brain dump" -- he is Terry right up until he was hit by the car. I don't understand why that makes him incapable of realizing he's not in his own body, but given the upcoming fun that's riding on that being true I'm going to quit complaining. Bradley complains about not being able to talk to Terry, but Adelle tells him that Ballard is very experienced in these matters. "We defer to him." It's times like these I wish Laurence Dominic weren't up in the Attic, because the eye-roll he would have unleashed upon hearing those words coming out of Adelle's mouth would have been a thing of beauty indeed. And in all seriousness, that's a character I think the show sorely misses. I know I do. Anyway, Ballard points out that the missing-persons reports in his hand seem to have no connection, but the very fact that Bradley supplied them suggests there is one. "Who are they to him?"

Cut to the professor client responding "They were, in a real sense, nobody" to a crowded lecture hall, and that's not the last time this episode is going to employ an irritating and nonsensical call-and-response gadget, but it will be the last time you'll hear about it from me, because annoying. Also annoying: Everything Dushku does in this scene, from empty-headed simpering and giggling at a lame attempt at self-deprecation by the mind-numbingly boring professor to overacted distress at getting an F on her essay on Chaucer's Wife of Bath to the stupid hybrid of walking, running, and seizing she uses to jiggle her way up to the professor to the things that come out of her mouth about "Chauncy" and how he can't spell and how she actually doesn't know what "medieval" means and OH MY GOD SHUT UP, and I don't care how lonely this guy is or how much he claims that "Kiki" reminds him of the Wife of Bath, I can't believe that a college professor would create a girl that's literally mentally challenged as his fantasy, so shut up, Dollhouse. Next!

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