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It appears that Bradley survived, not that anyone gives a shit, and Ballard calls Adelle and reports that Bradley is on foot... or perhaps the subway the writers somehow remembered L.A. has. Ballard concludes that "Terry" is headed back to the Beverly Hills area in which he was hit by the car, since his hideout has to be around there. He makes for the nearby station that clued him in to the possibility, and meanwhile, Adelle gets in a tizzy about Victor possibly being the vehicle for kidnapping, murder, and sexy weekends with British women of a certain age. Well, maybe not that last one. Her point, however, is that Topher needs to free Victor from "Terry," and when Topher protests that Victor isn't there, she replies, "I do know this." Hee. Topher claims that a remote wipe is impossible, and when Adelle points out that Alpha did it with Echo, he technobabbles for a while until Adelle tells him to shut up and get on it. When she's gone, he gives himself a little "I am fucked" giggle. Hee. [Who did Adelle hire to do the remote wipe on November back when she got her little phone call to go from sweet neighbor to badass agent? -- Angel]

Victor gets out of the Metrolink at the Hollywood and Vine station, which is near Beverly Hills the same way South Ferry is "near" Harlem, and he walks in Perp Slow Motion...

...and then we cut to "Kiki" reading aloud from The Canterbury Tales, and while I would have lost a bet on her being literate I'm still not going to recap it or the horribly unconvincing acting or her asking where his "tunage" is, except for the part where I just did with that last bit, I guess. She gets him to dance, and there's some discussion of servicing his hard-on in exchange for a better grade, so you'll forgive me if I move right on to...

Boyd. Where have you been, dude? Apparently in a van being forced to watch the biorhythmic translation of all that Canterbury bullshit, so I'm sure he's as grateful as anyone when Topher calls him and tells him he'll be losing Echo's biolink signal for a few minutes because of the remote wipe and technobabbles about the biolink feed. Boyd asks why the remote wipe is necessary, and after Topher gives him a long-winded explanation of the "Terry" situation, Boyd, replies, "Ah." Hee.

"Terry" checks out some women on the street, and then apparently talks his way into a club that's got a huge line, and I'm guessing he took some cash off his unconscious uncle after he crashed the car and he's using it now to bribe the guy, but I still wonder about the no ID thing -- that could really cost the bouncer his job. I mean, I'd let Enver Gjokaj in, but still.

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