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php?page=12">ghosts, and friends. There's no "Ballard is HOTT!" yet, but there's still some room left.

When we return, Echo's in the chair, but the fact that it's Boyd, not Ballard, waiting for her lets us know that we're back in the past, and that's confirmed by Adelle and her old-school hair that I miss so much showing up and asking about Sierra's last engagement. After Echo finishes up and Boyd gets her out of there, Topher says that Hearn (Sierra's old molesting handler that November and three mysterious flowers so satisfyingly got rid of) called him a "nerd," and then Adelle informs him that they may have found their replacement Sierra, and Topher may be interested in her. Topher asks if that means she's "a little bit hot," but Adelle is more talking about the fact that she's a paranoid schizophrenic. I think she was mainly pointing out the unusual nature of the case in asserting his potential interest, but if there's an undercurrent of "only a paranoid schizo would ever give you a chance," so much the better.

Cut to Topher on the grounds of the clinic pedeconferencing with the aforementioned Asian doctor, who's saying that Priya has paranoid delusions and is usually incoherent. We switch to a shot of one of the buildings on the grounds, and as the Asian doctor talks about the fact that the daily treatments Nolan has been giving her seem to be ineffective for whatever reason, through the glass walls we see Nolan sitting with Priya. He comes out to greet the Asian doctor, which is a little odd, since Topher's right there and yet he didn't later mention having met him. Then again, he could have been thinking about how he needed to take his Whack-A-Mole game into the shop at that very moment. Nolan tells the Asian doctor that he thinks Priya is sedate enough for evaluation, so Asian Doctor and Topher head inside for a round of Priya, Interrupted, and while Dichen Lachman is perfectly convincing, TV-crazy is hardly groundbreaking stuff, so what you need to know is that she talks about how everyone there is a liar and she's being filled with poison to make her crazy, and she would be very, very happy to leave the place...

...and then there's a quick montage: Priya being manhandled out of the clinic, Present Sierra happily getting into the car to leave the place, Topher looking sad, Adelle barely bothering with the formality of a glass, Priya in a straitjacket getting injected with something, Sierra carrying a bag and still looking happy, Echo walking in on Sierra's first awful treatment, and Present Sierra walking into Nolan's place and telling him she's all his. I often want to vomit at the end of musical montages, but this one tried extra-hard at the end to make that happen.

Victor's still sitting and waiting for Sierra to return. Aw.

Adelle teeters her way into the lab to ask if the errand is finished, and when she gets confirmation that that's the case, she says that's good. However, Topher replies, "If you say so," prompting her to put a hand on his shoulder and offer this: "If you have actually managed to develop some pangs of conscience, you may rest in the knowledge that in this matter, had no choice." Honey, that's not going to allay his conscience any, as you well know from the way it looks like you're about to vomit down his back. Adelle disappears back into the Dollhouse's catacombs, leaving Topher to look down at the "Priya Original" tape in his hand and reply, "No, I didn't." Ooh.

Nolan is setting the dinner table when Priya asks him if it'll "still be romantic" if they build up an appetite first. Interestingly, Nolan does not look as confident as you'd expect, given the situation, and I wonder if that's partially because he's realizing having her around full time is not going to be the same as getting her only when he has the urge to do so. But focusing on the rapist's commitment issues seems rather beside the point, in the end, so let's get to the part where Priya sits in his lap and wonders if she's being too aggressive, if he was more in the mood for her to be demure or stupid. He doesn't get it, though, until she yanks his head back by the hair and asks him which fantasy he wanted to keep forever. His eyes focus on her as he asks, "Priya," and she breathes, "You just couldn't take no for an answer." Just as well she doesn't remember the last time her real personality met him -- she's mad enough as it is.

Boyd catches Echo in the atrium and confronts her with the book and bookmark, and at first she tries to Doll her way out of it, but after assuring her she's not in any trouble from him, he goes on to say that what she's trying to do -- get the other Actives to remember things, pushing Topher to act in the Sierra matter, etc. -- could have consequences she can't predict or control. "Some people are not ready to wake up." Echo drops the act and says she doesn't care: "Something bad is coming, like a storm. And I want everyone to survive it." He cautions her that she might bring said storm on herself, but honestly, his words sound kind of empty. Ballard's in her pocket, Boyd won't go against her, and Adelle has turned down about 57,659 opportunities to send her to the Attic. Without Laurence Dominic running around trying to kill her, who does she have to fear?

Sierra's going the route of dismissive condescension, telling Nolan how good it feels to be free. When Nolan asks if she's there to get revenge for "a year of loving every minute of it," she laughs in his face, saying she has no memory of anything he did besides poison her. She goes on that she wasn't exactly faithful to him, and he's getting angry now even as he tells her he allowed them to "whore [her] out to anyone," but that's not what she means -- she's talking about emotional fidelity, as she fell in love with someone who she trusts and who helps her. Pathetically, he thinks she's talking about him, but she disabuses him of that notion, saying that while she doesn't remember meeting this guy or even spending a moment with him, she knows their bond is stronger than anything. This is devastating news to Nolan, although he shouldn't be entirely surprised given that he's been witness to the undeniable connection between her and Victor on two separate occasions now, and finally Priya sinks the knife deep, "I love him. So much more than I hate you." This is enough for Nolan to smack her in the face, an overture she returns in kind before asking him if he's going to fight fair this time. This, however, proves to be an unfortunate choice of words, as he starts beating the crap out of her, and I'm disappointed to see how unprepared she seems now that it's coming to this. I'm not saying what she should or shouldn't have done as far as taking revenge on him, just that it seems like she might have anticipated a physical showdown as a possibility. Anyway, Nolan sickeningly decides that the whole affair is turning him on, and he picks up a knife and holds it to her throat as he picks her up with the other hand. However, getting her to her feet ends up being his undoing, as she lifts up and pushes off against the fireplace, sending them both tumbling to the ground, and after he gets up and comes at her again she grabs a handy heavy vase or something and sweeps his feet out from under him, causing him to lose the knife, which she recovers and...STABS HIM IN THE GUT! YES! Glad they finally listened to me about how much fun that can be. She repeats the move a few more times to make sure he's really dead and also to get some Dexter-level amounts of blood all over the place, which seems fitting enough given the Keith Carradine appearance. Horrifi

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