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Wash And Go

At FBI headquarters, Ballard has again invaded Aisha Hinds's office and is doing a search on the Dollhouse's street address: "23 Flower." And while Flower is a real street in Los Angeles, the added attempt to link it to the Briar Rose story is getting into ham-fisted territory, so let's move on to where Ballard tells Aisha Hinds that he went into 23 Flower with a hat over his eyes so no one would recognize him. Ooh, neat trick! In what year at the FBI academy do they teach that one? Anyway, he looked around and found nothing, leading him to the conclusion that there's another building underground. As Aisha Hinds looks around for someone to give a "Bitch crazy" side-eye to, Ballard babbles that Caroline said she was underground, and also, when 23 Flower was built, there was an environmental systems consultant on the payroll. He pulls up a picture of the guy -- and it's Alan Tudyk, who I just adore, from A Knight's Tale to Death At A Funeral. Oh, and there was a TV series he did, but you probably never heard of that. Oh, just kidding -- IT'S WASH! Love that guy, seriously. Anyway, Alan Tudyk apparently is an expert in buildings that have closed systems -- in other words, they recycle their own air, water and power -- which suggests the presence of an underground building that is passing unnoticed. Aisha Hinds tells Ballard, "It's a good thing I'm relatively sure you're not crazy," when in fact she means, "You're out of your fucking mind, but I still think you may be on to something here."

Victor's strapped into the chair, having been imprinted with Laurence's personality. They tell him about the delivery, but he presently freaks out when he realizes he's in Victor's body. Enver Gjokaj, as I mentioned in the recaplet, does a phenomenal impression of Reed Diamond here as he struggles to get himself under control, saying his body's obviously in the Attic, and then losing it again and yelling at Adelle that after she did that to him, now she wants him to help? Adelle orders Claire to sedate him, and as she approaches him with a needle, he begs Adelle and Topher not to do it, and then cries, "Whiskey!" Claire thinks he wants a drink instead of the shot, and Adelle smoothly agrees: "I'm not surprised." Damn, she is good -- in case you were unaware, "Whiskey" is part of the NATO alphabet as well, and combined with Alpha's interaction with her later, this is all the proof (ooh, sorry again) we need to conclude that Claire is another Doll. I think back to her vaguely lost manner when Echo-as-interrogator asked her if she ever left the Dollhouse and now see what was really going on, and it's moments like that where you just want to applaud, because that was seriously well-done, and a reward for sticking with the show. Anyway, the drug works quickly, and Adelle asks Claire to follow up by giving "Laurence" something that might make him more responsive. Claire complies, and Adelle doesn't waste any time in "suggesting" they get started.

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