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When we return, "Laurence" is telling Adelle and Boyd that the drive isn't from the NSA -- they never communicated that way -- but Alpha might have been trying to contact him covertly. Again, I don't get this -- if Laurence wasn't Alpha's inside man, I don't know why he'd think he would ever contact him, but if he is, a bunch of things don't make sense, in particular why Laurence tried to kill Echo when we know Alpha wants to keep her alive, not to mention the fact that Laurence wanted to kill Ballard instead of helping him. Anyway, they ask him what the password is, then, but he's not sure, as Alpha never sent him anything before. Adelle yells at him for a while like a schoolmarm who's just about had it, and then Boyd calmly interjects that they just need a password he would guess. "It shouldn't be hard." Lucky thing Laurence is drugged, otherwise he might have noticed the thinly-veiled insult there. Anyway, Laurence suggests they try "Alpha," but instead of spelling it out, they should use the Greek character, as that's how he used to sign his name in art class. This works, and the drive decrypts into an image of... Paul Bunyan. Topher: "Did not anticipate that." Heh. Adelle, however, recognizes it, having laid eyes on it "from the window of the Center in Tucson." Topher wonders if that refers to the Dollhouse HQ (in Tucson? Really?), but Adelle ignores him in favor of declaring she has to warn them to beef up their security. Boyd then sees an article about a body having been discovered in Tucson that morning -- a body that was slashed with a knife -- and that's all Adelle needs to hear to go running for the phones. I have to ask: What possible motivation would Adelle and Boyd think Alpha would have for sending this information to Laurence, even if he were his man on the inside? Could a deception not be sniffed out here? But let's focus on the humor, as, referring to Laurence, Topher asks Boyd: "So. Back on the shelf?" Hee.

Ballard and Alan Tudyk pull up near the Dollhouse, and Ballard explains that he's probably only got a day or two before the Dollhouse comes after him and kills him, so he's got to get Caroline out, and seriously, any time the name "Caroline" is mentioned it makes me need a nap, so let's forget about her and move on to where Alan Tudyk keeps making me giggle and Ballard arms himself...

...and then Sierra comes out of the chair and sternly babbles about how she needs to get going right away because the body they're sending her to examine is breaking down as they speak because of bacteria and chemicals and insects and blah, and when they can still hear her gabbing away to no one in particular even after the elevator doors close, Boyd gives Topher an inquisitive side-eye, and Topher nervously laughs about how producing an FBI-trained forensics specialist "is a tall order for a rush job." Boyd at least sees the humor in the situation, and then Topher says the rest of the night should be quiet, at least. You'd think he'd know to knock on his own forehead after a jinx like that...

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