This Show's Lucky To Be Alive

by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

Rather than flash the chyron again, the show trusts you to figure out where they're heading, so let's move on to where Zone volunteers to act as "Barker," which entails him rushing out into full view of the fighting idiots outside and shooting a bunch of them. Now, given that (a) the fighting idiots took no notice of any of them before this, and (b) the fighting idiots appear to be armed with nothing more than clubs and put up no resistance at all to Zone despite the fact that he's shooting them dead, and don't pursue him once he's gone, it's unclear why this diversion was necessary...

...but let's not dwell on that, as we cut to the bunch of them successfully making it to points lower. As Iris and her dad kind of forced march their way down the subterranean corridor, Zone bitches about dragging the "Dumbshow" dad around, as they're not ever supposed to go near those "freaks of nature. We only roll with Actuals." Given all the future-speak, you'd think Zone would reject "roll with" as hopelessly dated, but maybe ten years hence it'll be considered retro. If he refers to the group as his "posse" I'll know I'm on to something here. Anyway, Griff and Mag bargain for a few days to give Iris a chance to get used to them, but agree that Dumbshow Dad will have to go soon enough. After Zone blasts an old radio in a fit of pique and the group walks a bit farther, they reach a hole in the floor that's apparently their destination. Griff lights a flare and drops it a long distance down (onto a floor of reddish lacquered wood that looks awfully familiar) prompting Mag to ask, "Who said the deeper the better?" I'm going to suggest rather demurely that you all answer that one for yourselves. With the aid of some rope and tethering equipment, the group makes it down below ahead of the appearance of any Butchers, with Griff taking care to booby-trap the way in before he heads down himself. Once inside the atrium, everyone's bewildered, as they expected merely to find a subway service tunnel instead of the underground spa/vehicle for world domination in which they've found themselves. With numerous misgivings, they note that the place has its own air and power, and they split up to check things out, but not without Griff making a nonsensical comment about Paradise that prompts Zone to snark to Mag how Griff loves hearing the sound of his own voice. Mag, however, as the Bleeding Heart, cannot have a sense of humor, and therefore shoots back that everyone feels the same way. "That's why we're here. To keep our own voices." Before I get bored with the humorlessness and clumsy dialogue, though, we cut upstairs to the old familiar chair, covered in a plastic sheet. As we hear Zone's voice downstairs, the sheet ominously slides out of frame. Don't know if that's going to raise or lower the Dumbshow population, but I'm interested to find out.

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