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by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

Back in the future, Mag locates the secret panel as Zone tells Iris that with their numbers so low, it would be best if she carried a gun, and he hands her a piece that looks like it came straight out of the Sniper Barbie Accessory Kit. Just then, Mag finds Victor's handiwork...

...and we cut to her and Zone getting ready to load all the tapes into Whiskey, one by one, in an effort to find Caroline. Zone looks at Whiskey and opines it has to suck, waking up every day in a different body. Just then, Iris reappears, points her Big Girl Now gun at Zone, and hams, "You have no idea." They realize she killed Lynn and Griff, and she snits that she didn't want to, but their lot kills everyone that's printed. "Bigots." She goes on that she's not sure how she ended up in the kid's body, but she's going to use the chair to get out -- into Mag's body, so Zone has to go. Not sure I get her plan here -- once the chair takes her personality, no one's going to cooperate by then dumping her into Mag, right? While I'm up, I'll mention that adult mind or not, I'm kind of skeptical that Iris's little body could summon the strength needed to beat Lynn's head in, even though Mag-Lites are pretty formidable weapons. But anyway, she pulls the trigger -- and nothing happens. Ha! You see, when Zone got all squinty earlier, he was checking out Dumbshow Dad's tattoo -- and his name wasn't Miller. Another twist that was well concealed and deftly executed, and Zone wastes no time dumping Iris into the chair...

...and in the past, we see Adelle watch as a blonde I'm guessing is Juliet tells the bunch of sheep surrounding her she's hopeful that they'll be able to go outside someday. Claire then finds Adelle and somberly informs her she tried to give "him" haloperidol (an anti-psychotic) but he wouldn't take it without Adelle. Adelle smiles mirthlessly: "It's one of his bad days." She takes the medication...

...up to Topher, who's been driven mad by the knowledge that he's the architect of the hell that's befallen the earth. He's living in one of the Doll pods, fittingly enough for someone that's lost his mind, and he eagerly brightens when he sees Adelle. He gets her to sit with him and takes her hand, and after some technobabble, she tenderly strokes his face and asks if he's eaten. He's not interested in food, though, just in an extended talky metaphor about picking up the phone that results in him realizing yet again that he's doomed the world. He climbs back into the pod, rocking himself and wondering, "If I think I can figure things out, is that curiosity or arrogance?" This causes Adelle to start crying in earnest, and I admit that's a tough question to figure out but her reaction still seems like overkill. As he descends into a feedback loop, repeating "I know what I know" over and over, she hops in with him and tenderly holds and kisses him, and it's a wonderful, terrible spectacle...

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